Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Flotsam and Jetsam - Runoff Day in Georgia, Musk Boots Pedos, Avenatti gets 14 Years

Well, it's runoff day in Georgia, so someday soon (but probably not today) we'll know for sure if the next Senate will be a 50-50 tie, with committees equally split and Kamala deciding tie votes, or 49-51, with committees favoring Democrats and united Republican (like that'll happen) and at least two rogue Democrats (Manchin and Sinema come to mind) necessary to gum up the works and prevent excesses. I, for one, don't have much hope. Sabato's Crystal Ball  changes Georgia Runoff to Leans Democratic. KT at Haut Hair, Finish Line: Time for final pitches in Georgia Senate run-off race. Duane Patterson at Haut Hair VIP explains (from behind the paywall) Why Tuesday’s run-off in Georgia matters, Part II. Matt Margolis at PJ Media VIP worries Is Trump Costing the GOP the Senate Seat in Georgia Again? Quite possibly. Dan Chaitin at Da Wire (is that a move, he's been at WaEx for a long time) reports Georgia Official Doubts Senate Runoff Winner Will Be Known On Election Night. Hey, you can't "find" the necessary ballots until you know how many you need! At Da Fed. J. Christian Adams says Georgia Election Integrity Reforms Are Driving Runoff Turnout, Not Suppressing It.

Not shockingly, Elon Musk and "Twittergate" are still in the news. At the Summit, Elon Musk Increases Personal Security Over Concerns About His Safety, “The risk of something happening to me is quite significant.” The Babylon Bee was prescient. I'm sure the FBI will be all over that, too. Jonathon Turley, Censorship by Surrogate: Why Musk’s Document Dump Could be a Game Changer. Capt. Ed at Haut Hair summarizes the WSJ: Musk's Twitter files shows real "disinformation" threat is America's former intel leaders. Bob Spencer at Front Page, Twittergate – The Fix Was In "Now we know: Twitter spiked the Hunter Biden story to save the 2020 election for The Big Guy." From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 12.05.22, The Lid reports the  FBI Caught Colluding With Leftist Big Tech to Censor Conservatives Online and The Geller Reports FBI as a Democrat Censor: Deposition Reveals Complex FBI Plot to Rig the 2020 Election and Email Leaks: Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs Regularly Communicated With Twitter Telling Them Who To Censor.

And the Media never fails to disappoint. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 12.05.22, the great VDH at Am Great asks  How Corrupt is a Corrupt Media?, at Am Think,  The Democrats’ Contempt for the American People, The Media Undertakers Must be Getting Exhausted, and What If MAGA Shrugged?. Matt Margolis, New York Times Falsely Dubs Hunter Biden Laptop 'Stolen'. At Twitchy, Glenn Greenwald torches CNN’s ‘Twitter Files’ spin: ‘Like the rantings of any #Resistance maniac’ and Glenn Greenwald sets a free speech trap for Ron Filipkowski — and it works like a charm. At the Da Beast, MKH tries to explain Why the Media Makes Musk a Villain but Lets SBF Off Easy. Ace, Bill Kristol: Twitter Was Just Censoring "Pornographic" Pictures of Hunter Biden "David French: Yes, And Also, When Biden Demanded Twitter Censor This Story, He Wasn't President Yet, So This Wasn't "Government Action" Yet." Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair wonders So who can hold the FBI accountable for their "weekly meetings" with Twitter in 2020?. It won't be their cheerliars in the MSN. From Town Hall, a Kurt Schlichter take on Elon Musk's Big Mistake "So Elon believed what he was told, that we could all say what we thought without fear of being gagged or punished since he was never gagged or punished. After all, he was a Democrat." John Sexton at Haut Hair, The Munk Debate: Should you trust the mainstream media? Hell, no! Also, The Bulwark's Tim Miller has changed his tune on Twitter's censorship of the NY Post story. From the Free Bacon, New Washington Post Communications Chief Moonlights as Board Member of Far-Left Activist Group. Of course.

At Da Wire, ‘Zero Tolerance’: Suspension Rate Nearly Doubles For Twitter Accounts Exploiting Child Sex Abuse Material. David Strom at Haut Hair, Pedophiles finally being kicked off of Twitter. At I&I, Now We Know: While Twitter Was Busy Silencing Conservatives, It Let Child Porn Fester. Because they thought conservative thought was more dangerous. Ace, Twitter's Former Head of the "Trust and Safety Council:" Babylon Bee, Libs of TikTok Are Both "Unsafe" and Cause Violence Through Their Arguments Against Leftwing Claims About Transgenderism.  At PM,WATCH as Twitter's former head of Trust & Safety claims Babylon Bee, Libs of TikTok make 'people unsafe in the world' "Not only is it not funny, but it is dangerous, and it does contribute to an environment that makes people unsafe in the world." Da Wire, Ex-Twitter Executive: Elon Musk Is Putting Us ‘In Harm’s Way’ By Showing How We Censored Content. From the Western Journal, Twitter's Largest Advertiser Returns to Platform, Has Now 'Fully Resumed' Spending. Apple, after Cooke had a nice chat with Elon. And just coincidentally, Tim Young at Am Great asks Is America Ready for the E-Phone? "Elon Musk cast light on Apple’s power to censor disfavored speech through its App Store. Could Musk be the man to change that?"

NYPo, reports Nick Sandmann asks Musk to release ‘hidden’ Twitter files on death threats against him and from Fox, Kyle Rittenhouse goes viral after asking if Twitter files will reveal 'hidden censoring' against him, "Rittenhouse calls for Elon Musk to expose any internal censorship by Twitter against him after the media labeled him a ‘white supremacist’."

Da Caller catches onto Former FBI Lawyer Who Approved FISA Warrant To Spy On Trump Helped Censor Hunter Biden Laptop Story, James Baker. The Victory Girls want to know Who the Heck is Vijaya Gadde? At Ace's Quick Hits, "Twitter told the FEC that none of its decision makers communicated with the Biden campaign about the Hunter Biden story. We now know they lied. I'm sure the Justice Department is preparing charging documents at this very moment. Glenn Greenwald has a good thread responding to the media's attempt to downplay the Twitter Files revelation."

Cathy Salgado at PJ Media Trump Clarifies Statement Misrepresented as a Call to End to U.S. Constitution. Matt Margolis at PJ Media VIP points out how Democrats 'Terminate' the Constitution to Impose Their Agenda All the Time. Sundance at CTH thinks President Trump Was Correct About the Constitution and Elections – Kari Lake’s Lawsuit Shows Why. But Ilya Somin at the Volokh Report says Trump Defines Constitutional Deviancy Down. Elle Purnell at Da Fed reveals Time Magazine Admits ‘Election Denier’ Is A Nonsense Phrase Invented To Smear Republicans. Only Republicans can "deny" elections; Democrats raise "legitimate concerns." At CNN, Giuliani pressed on role in Trump 2020 election reversal legal gambits during attorney discipline hearing. Legal harassment by the DC bar. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 12.05.22, Gellar claims Republicans Had More than 74% of Election Day Votes in Maricopa County – So Where Are Those Votes

Margot Cleveland at Da Fed points out that Right After Biden Successfully Buys Votes With Student Loan Bailout, Supreme Court Will Weigh In. Jazz Shaw says Joe Biden must stop politicizing the Strategic Petroleum Reserve now that it's mostly gone. Da Caller notes that Biden Admin To Disband Parent Council Staffed With Left-Wing Activists, which just means the work will go on at lower levels. Da Signal sees What’s Really Behind Biden Administration FCC-Approved Sale of Spanish-Language Radio Stations, George Soros trying to stem to movement of Hispanics to the GOP. 

James Wallner at Spec World explains Why the lame-duck Congress is a threat to democracy "Lawmakers relish the fact that there is little to no accountability from voters." Yeah, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger still get to vote. David Marcus at HE makes The Case For Kevin McCarthy– And For His Adversaries. "The third option is that the objectors wring every last concession they can out of a sweating McCarthy and wind up voting for him while plausibly claiming important victories. This is hardball politics. It's not pretty. But if that is how it all plays out it will be a win for McCarthy, a win for the populists and very likely a win for GOP voters and the American people." Breitbart reports Clyburn Advises McCarthy to Make a Deal with Democrats for Speaker Votes. He would. Ace, in all-caps, red italic font with the burning skull, SOURCES: McCONNELL BETRAYS US AGAIN; CAVES TO PELOSI AND SCHUMER, WILL PASS SPECIAL LAW ALLOWING LEGACY MEDIA COMPANIES TO FORM MEDIA CARTEL WITH ANTI-TRUST EXEMPTION. It's the murder turtle at work. 

Stacey Matthews at LI, Latest Media Attack on Ron DeSantis: He’s ‘Not a Fun and Convivial Dude’ “To sum up: DeSantis is not a fun and convivial dude. He prefers to keep his earbuds in. His ‘Step away from the vehicle’ vibes are strong.” – former NY Times “reporter” Mark Leibovich, writing in The Atlantic." Damning indeed, /sarc. Don Surber, Don't feed the trolls -- including NYT, WaPo and The View, generally good advice regardless of the topic. '

CNN, cited at Haut Hair, BREAKING: Avenatti gets 14-year sentence for embezzling from clients, with good time, he might be out in time to run as CNNs pick for President in 2030. At Althouse, "Since Michael Avenatti has been sentenced to 14 more years in jail...."

AEIR decries the Crypto Bad! mentality. "This, of course, is rather like saying DOTCOM bad! in 2001 or, post-Enron, -Bernie Madoff, or -Elizabeth Holmes capitalism bad! Of course, the Web survived, and the mixed economy went trundling along." At  Puck, The S.B.F. Legal Meteor. Puck’s Teddy Schleifer and Eriq Gardner discuss the litigation minefield, financial casualties, and political backlash after the FTX supernova: Who’s getting sued? How will Washington crack down? Can crypto investors recover? And will Sam Bankman-Fried go to jail?

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