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Flotsam and Jetsam - Twitter Files #6 Out, FBI Censors Internet Jokes

Late yesterday, the 6th installment of the Twitter Files were tweeted by Matt Taibbi. It appears that after the 2016 election in which Hillary et al. alleged the Russian misdismal information affected the outcome of the election to her disadvantage, the FBI made a major effort to police social media, forming a task force of up 80 agents, in constant contact with Twitter (and I presume the other major social media), identifying posts that they believed should be censored, including joke tweets from accounts with small followings. Via the Wombat's Late Night With In The Mailbox: 12.16.22, Fuzzy Slippers at LI, , #TwitterFiles Part Six: “Twitter’s contact with the FBI was constant and pervasive, as if it were a subsidiary”.  At Town Hall,Spencer Brown pens New Twitter Files Just Dropped and Matt Vespa notes Former Rolling Stone Editor Perfectly Describes the FBI's Relationship With Twitter. At Haut Hair, John Sexton, Matt Taibbi: Twitter Files part 6 - the FBI connection (Update). Twitchy, New #TwitterFiles thread (from Matt Taibbi) drops: ‘TWITTER: THE FBI SUBSIDIARY’. Sundance at CTH, Release #6 – DHS and FBI Content Removal Requests to Twitter. Ace is suspicious of the timing in Twitter Files, Part VI, "Of course he drops it late Friday afternoon, again. So... the media has an easier time ignoring it -- bury news you don't want covered with a Friday evening dump -- and the only people who care about it, conservatives, have to blog about it Friday night. Yeah, let's never hold this for Monday morning, ever. Not even a single time."

And of course, we're still chewing on Musk's banning of several liberal journalist for, apparently, their amplification of site that tracks Musk in real time, in wake of an attack on one of Musk's cars by a masked Antifa member, carrying his Musk's toddler at the time. Ace, Twitter Begins Banning Leftwing Accounts For Doxxing His Current Location and Bird-Dogging Him for Antifa Attacks, Update: NBC Suspends Its Chief Deplatforming & Censorship Officer Ben Collins for "Editorially Inappropriate" Attack on Musk. Insty, THE STIG LOSES HIS CAR KEYS: NBC News Suspends Reporter Ben Collins Over His Elon Musk Coverage. "NBC News temporarily suspended senior reporter Ben Collins for his “editorially inappropriate” coverage of Twitter CEO Elon Musk, according to the new publication Semafor." At Breitbart, Six Establishment Media Journalists Elon Musk Suspended. Pillows Slippers@JackPosobiec "BREAKING: @ElonMusk just hopped on Spaces with a group of journalists and informed them the same doxxing rules apply to them and they aren’t special." Sister Toldja at Red State, Hilarity Ensues After Elon Joins ‘Twitter Spaces’ Chat, Tells Journos 'You're Not Special.' Via the Wombat's Late Night With In The Mailbox: 12.16.22, Louder With Crowder: Elon Musk hops on Spaces, informs whiny woke journalists they aren’t special and the rules apply to them too, and Elon Musk lays out his reasons for suspending alleged ‘journalists’ from Twitter. Twitchy: Elon Musk Trolls The Press On Freedom Of Speech, Tucker Carlson Roasts Adam Kinzinger For Fury Over Catturd Meme, and Super “Patriot” Ex-LTC Vindman DEMANDS Elon Musk Explain Himself, Da Tech Guy: If It Wasn’t For Double Standards Don Surber: “You’re not special because you’re a journalist.”, and Nebraska Energy Observer: Twitter, Free Speech, and the Wonder of the Internet. Also the at Da Fed via the Wombat, John Davidson thinks The Left-Wing Journalists Elon Musk Suspended From Twitter Got What They Deserved and Shawn Fleetwood, No, It’s Not ‘Fair-Minded’ To Defend ‘Journalists’ Who Use Twitter To Dox Their Political Enemies. Nicole Silvero at Da Caller has a report that  NBC News Suspends Reporter Ben Collins Over His Elon Musk Coverage and Capt. Ed at Haut Hair just says Hmmm: NBC suspends tech reporter over inappropriate attacks on Musk. Also at Haut Hair Dave Strom gives us My take on the Musk massacre. Althouse exposes  Twitter's problem with real-time location doxxing. Tim Pool@Timcast "We have reason to believe the attack on my house was targeted. Luckily I was not there, but the attackers did not know that. They were fired upon and fled. If there was a real time tracker on me I could be dead."

From Vox Populi
But of course, the media has its defenders, Anxious anxiously tweeting Axios @axios "Twitter's suspension of several journalists last night was unprecedented: There's never been an attempt by a major social media platform to suspend so many journalists all at once." Apparently forgetting Twitter banned a whole newspaper, the NYPo, over Hunter's laptop during a presidential campaign. Insty calls it one of the GREAT MOMENTS IN GASLIGHTING: I’m so old, I can remember when Twitter suspended an entire newspaper in October of 2020: Jack Dorsey says the New York Post Twitter account will remain locked until it deletes the original tweet featuring its Hunter Biden story. At Zenger, EU Threatens Elon Musk With $180 Million Fine For Banning Keith Olbermann, Other Blue Checkmarks "EU, French, and German officials rally for embattled U.S. media stars, after years of silence about “shadowbanned” conservatives." At Twitchy, Christina Pushaw explains what the U.N. alarm about Twitter’s journo suspensions is REALLY about "And they didn’t object to previous Twitter bans. They don’t care about freedom; they are just mad about losing even a little control of the narrative."  Actually, there has been less fuss than I thought there might be; to highlight their banning would be to confess to being part of the shadow banning system. Even Bari Weiss, part of the Twitter release team, objected, Bari Weiss: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss? (Update: Musk responds) Elon Musk@elonmusk Replying to @elonmusk @bariweiss and 2 others "Rather than rigorously pursuing truth, you are virtue-signaling to show that you are “good” in the eyes of media elite to keep one foot in both worlds." (John Sexton at Haut Hair). Finally, Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair observes Musk lifts reporters' suspensions. Is Elon okay?. And says he's erratic, and may be smoking dope. Maybe, but it's usually wrong to read too much into the actions of someone who's many IQ pt higher than your are. It's like a dog second guessing a human Via the Wombat, Vox Populi claims Free Speech Was Always Fake. 

At Am Great Lloyd Billingsley issues a Whistleblower Warning, "Elon Musk should expect a multi-front assault from the Biden Junta" and Josh Hammer says Celebrate Elon Musk, but Don’t Lose Sight of Big Tech’s Structural Problem, "Truth is, as great as Musk has been not merely for Twitter but for the health of America's digital town square in general, concerted public policy and legal changes are still needed." Insty cites NYT, ELON MUSK, MANAGEMENT GURU? "Why the Twitter owner’s ruthless, unsparing style has made him a hero to many bosses in Silicon Valley. “But as I’ve called around to C-suite executives and influential investors in Silicon Valley over the past few weeks, I’ve been surprised by how many are rooting for Mr. Musk — even if they won’t admit to it publicly. Mr. Musk’s defenders point out that Twitter hasn’t collapsed or gone offline despite losing thousands of employees, as some critics predicted it would. They see his harsh management style as a necessary corrective, and they believe he will ultimately be rewarded for cutting costs and laying down the law. . . ." Ars Technica whines Musk may try to deny severance to thousands laid off by Twitter, report says "Musk's attorney, Alex Spiro, out but still representing Twitter on pending cases." Georgi Boorman at Da Fed claims Social Media Is Making You A Worse Person. At Pirate Wires, The Twitter Whistleblower Everyone's Ignoring, "this july, twitter's former head of security released a shocking whistleblower report that includes allegations as damning as the contents of the Twitter Files—if not worse" The place was a mess, which happens when political people are in charge.

Stacy McCain goes on about Propaganda, ‘Misinformation’ and Other Lessons From Communist History. At Da Caller, Sens. Grassley And Hawley Call Out DHS For Allegedly Redacting Key Info About Disinformation Board

At Breitbart, Schumer: Trump Won’t Be Reelected – ‘The American People Have Gotten Wise to Him’. Show me you can do better. Also, 41 House Democrats File Bill to Bar Donald Trump from 2024 Eligibility. Won't happen. Politico, cited at Haut Hair, J6 panel to recommend three criminal charges against Trump. Capt. Ed comments "It seems very unlikely that the DoJ will follow any recommendation from the J6 committee. Not because Merrick Garland won’t be sympathetic to it — he will, of course — but because he appointed a special counsel to remove himself from this loop. The special counsel will have to develop charges on his own. — Ed]" Mike Miller at Red State hears 'I Can't Do This Anymore': Bannon Breaks With Trump Over Digital Trading Cards Silliness, and the Babylon Bee (via Haut Hair), Trump swimsuit calendar sells out in minutes

Mary Chastain at LI, Three Men Convicted for Aiding Plot to Kidnap Gov. Whitmer Sentenced to at Least Seven Years. They was set up by the FBI.

At Da Wire, Transgender Student Charged For Alleged Violent Assault Of Two Girls In School Bathroom, "The incident occurred at an Oklahoma high school." Ace, Of Course: Luggage-and-Ladies-Underwear Sneakthief Sam Brinton Helped Craft School Policy Telling Schools to Lie to Parents About Childrens' Sexual Identities, "Disgusting. Can we all stop clapping for this Stunning and Brave individual yet, or nah?" and John Hayward/Doc_0: What's Really Behind the Left's Mad Rush to Legitimize P3dophilia. "So don't whattabout us, Sexual Left. You just sexualize children any chance you get. You don't mind child beauty pageants -- you just don't like that they're Southern. When they were French and "diverse," you couldn't stop applauding." Kurt Schlichter at Town Hall, America, We Can Choose Not to Tolerate Weirdos

Somehow we got to the point where we're expected to just nod politely when freaks, strangeos, and perverts turn up in positions of great responsibility. Well, that needs to change. Whether it's some "non-binary" bondage mutant who oversees America's nuclear waste betwixt bouts of luggage larceny or an Army colonel who – and yeah, this happened – masks up as a leather sex puppy in uniform on social media and who, along with junior officers, also dressed as carnal canines, forms what I guess would be an erotic litter. And then there's the everyday parade of creepy groomer oddities teaching our kids – actually, indoctrinating them – who are so proud of it that they go post videos of themselves bragging about the gender confusion and woke nonsense they spread. Time to stop accepting the idea that we need to pretend weirdos are not weird.

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