Saturday, December 31, 2022

Flotsam and Jetsam - End of the Year Detritus

Some end of the year reading while I fish. DIT style

Twitter, Musk and Freedom of Speech

In The Mailbox: 12.30.22 : The Other McCain
Twitter Files: Majority of Americans Want FBI Investigated for Violating Our Free Speech - The Lid
Elon Points a Finger at 'Creepy' Detail About Fauci in NYT Farewell Article – RedState
Hooters enlists Elon Musk to fight fake news - Louder With Crowder
Sen. Ron Johnson Urges Dems to Investigate FBI in Wake of 'Twitter Files'
Meet the leading contenders for Twitter CEO – HotAir
FBI Cointelpro is Back and Worse Than Ever -
Another 'master-canine' relationship: NYT runs interference for the FBI - American Thinker
2010 DHS Contract to General Dynamics Information Systems for Domestic "Media Monitoring and Social Media Networking" - The Last Refuge
MIT faculty adopt free expression statement that protects ‘offensive’ speech | The College Fix
Why Free Speech Is Important | Power Line
Glenn Greenwald skewers ‘low-life scumbags’ and calls out Kat Tenbarge of NBC News –

Elections and Politics

Ginni Thomas J6 Transcript Reveals Witch Hunt With No Witch
Bombshell in Newly Released Testimony of Ray Epps Is Going to Raise Even More Questions – RedState
Revealed: Ray Epps Claimed He Believed Capitol Was Open To Public On January 6 | The Daily Wire
Six years of Trump's tax returns RELEASED | Daily Mail Online
House Dems Release Trump's Tax Returns in Final Partisan Stunt Before Losing Majority Power
Voters seek revenge on Democrats who released Trump taxes | Washington Examiner
Poor POTUS! New book sheds light on Joe Biden’s personal suffering in wake of Afghanistan withdrawal –
Ace of Spades HQ Mother of Hunter Biden's Bastard Child Will Change the Baby's Last Name to "Biden," To Capitalize on That "Prestigious" Biden Family Name
The Press Finally Realizes the Bidens Are Pretty Terrible – RedState
Biden White House Plans to Obstruct GOP Investigations › American Greatness
Karl Rove: Democrats Need Narrative 'Based in Reality' |
Kevin McCarthy floats concession on allowing conservatives to remove House speaker | Fox News
Fishing as a Guide to Election Integrity - American Thinker
Ace of Spades HQ What If We Had Relied on “Renewable Energy” During the Christmas Cold Snap; also, Climate Fraud and Related Data Tampering

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