Saturday, December 24, 2022

Flotsam and Jetsam on Christmas Eve

The cold weather system plaguing the central and eastern portions of the US arrived. Thursday, we had the wet and warm side, with 1.5 inches of rain, and 45-55 F temperatures. Friday started with 55 F at midnight, and glided downward all day with gusty winds up to 30 k, ending with 15 F at midnight again and all dry except for one small shower early. This morning at 7 when I got up, the temperature read 10 F. So where is the dog? 

Sleeping outside in her wood chip bed. By choice. She has a dog door to come inside. About 8 AM she wandered in for breakfast, with parts of her hair frozen by moisture from the bed. She ate and went right back out to the bed.

I laugh when people tell me to worry about dogs in the cold. Maryland offers no weather that even begins to impress a Siberian.

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  1. The danger posed by cold weather for dogs depends entirely on the breed of the dog. Your husky would have no problem with just about anything that Ma Nature dishes out except maybe at the poles in their winters, and even then would do pretty well for a limited period of time. Give them enough calories to eat, and they will thrive.

    The types of dogs most people have, however, is a different story.