Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Flotsam and Jetsam of 12/14/22

Whew, a lot of stuff today. We got a long way to go, and short time to get there. At least it's one day without a release from Elon Musk's growing Twitter crew. But there's still plenty there. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 12.12.22, Jordan Boyd at Da Fed summarizes, Twitter Employees Found Trump Didn’t Violate Policies, Then Banned Him Anyway With Corporate Media’s Help and from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 12.13.22, at Da Fed, Margot Cleveland thinks Twitter Files Overshadow The Bigger Scandal – FBI Lied To Tech Giants To Interfere In Election "Not only did the FBI prompt Twitter and Facebook to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story, the bureau did so by deceiving the companies." smf Tristan Justice wonders  Did Elon Musk Spend $44 Billion To Say The Truth About His Son? Also, at Weasel Zipper Incoming House Democrat Vice Chair Ted Lieu: “Irrelevant” If Twitter Was Suppressing Speech. Spin Strangeness and Charm, Twitter files reveal they themselves knew Trump ban was bogus. Megan Fox at Pj Media, Twitter Files Part 5: Employees From Commie Countries Thought Censoring Trump Was a Bad Idea. WSJ opines Is Social-Media Censorship a Crime? "If tech execs cooperated with government officials, it might be a conspiracy against civil rights."

Fox 2, Musk’s Twitter disbands its Trust and Safety advisory group. Orwellianly named. Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair reports Yoel Roth flees his home after the release of the "Twitter Files"  Christopher Chantrill at Am Think on the Twitter Files: Yet It's Still a 50/50 Country.

Miranda Devine at NYPo calls The media’s silence on the ‘Twitter Files’ shameful. But not surprising. Fox, Washington Post caught stealth-editing report that initially labeled Matt Taibbi, Bari Weiss 'conservative'. Liberals who want free speech might as well be. Madeline Osburn at Da Fed, notes how ABC, CBS, And Other Corporate Media Black Out Coverage Of ‘Twitter Files’ Story. From News Busters, NBC News Reports on Liberal Angst Due to Unwillingness to Leave Twitter Brian C. Joondeph at Am Think thinks about The United States of Fascist America.

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 12.12.22, EBL:  So far, Musk is not backing down to the woke left, and Sam Bankman Fried Arrested In The Bahamas and Twitchy: Scott Kelly Tries Shaming Elon Musk Over Pronouns, Gets Rekt and Louder With Crowder, Elon Musk slaughters another progressive sacred cow, declares his new preferred anti-Fauci pronouns, and ‘Neither good nor kind’: Elon Musk launches woke astronaut into orbit over Fauci, truth about pronouns. Leslie Eastman at LI, Mainstream Media and DC Elite Ride to Fauci’s Aid After Elon Musk Targets Him in Tweets. Nick Arama at Red State, Elon Musk Wrecks John Brennan With Just Four Words. Rusty Weiss at PI, Former CIA Director John Brennan Melts Down After Elon Musk Calls on Dr. Fauci to Be Prosecuted. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 12.13.22,  EBL Elon Musk takes on Nasty, Corrupt, Leftist John Brennan. Eleanor Bartow at Da Fed wonders Did Twitter Suppress Covid Lockdown Protests? Elon Musk Should Find Out. Of course it did. On the Summit, Elon Musk Meets With Censored Anti-Lockdown Stanford Professor At Twitter HQ. Twitchy catches how Elon Musk tweets bunny emoji and PhD LOSES IT, babbles about his PLOT to follow QAnon and OMG-ROFL and Scott Kelly gets WAAAY MORE than he asks for after he tries shaming Elon Musk over PRONOUNS. John Hinderacker at Power Line says Elon Is Winning

The redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great asks Now What? "Let’s hope House Republicans can catch a really potent case of the courage Elon Musk is demonstrating in exposing the collusion between Big Tech and the deep state—and soon.

'Bonchie' at Red State, Nancy Mace Flips the Script on Trans-Activist During Hearing in Brutal Exchange. Beege Wellborn at Haut Hair, Rep Nancy Mace speaks flaming truth to Congressional LGBTQ witness
Matt Palumbo at Bongino reports "He Used His Power to Silence Me" - Biden Accuser Tara Reade Speaks Out to Tucker Carlson. Joe Hoft at Gateway Pundit finds a Former Spy who Says Biden Is a “Controlled Asset” of the CCP – Biden’s Actions Show This Is the Case.  'Bonchie' Joe Biden Launches Into a Profanity-Laced Tirade Over His Condition "Sudden bursts of anger are a symptom of dementia. I’m just saying." Insty at his NYPo gig, Biden’s return to ‘normalcy’ brought us crazy instead — like Sam Brinton. That assumes Biden is really in charge. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 12.13.22, EBL: Biden’s Nuclear Waste Puppy Sam Brinton Got Fired. Tyler O'Neil at Da Signal finds a  Psychotherapist: I Warned About Sam Brinton, the Nonbinary Biden Official Now Arrested for Theft, but No One Listened

Althouse, "While 31% of Republican and Republican-leaning independents want Trump... 61% say they would rather have DeSantis..." "According to the new he USA Today/Suffolk University, reported at the NY Post. . . . Anyway, the poll also has Trump lagging 7 points behind Biden and DeSantis 4 points ahead of Biden." That's about where I am. Dan Gelernter at Am Great claims DeSantis 2024 Is a Trap. "If voter fraud is not addressed, it doesn’t matter who the candidate is, because democracy in America won’t exist."

Shawn Fleetwood at da Fed, Maricopa County’s ‘Maladministration’ Of 2022 Elections Cost Kari Lake The Governor’s Race, Lawsuit Claims. Matt Margolis at PJ Media reports a Huge Development in Kari Lake’s Election Lawsuit “The Court has reviewed Plaintiffs’ Verified Statement of Election Contest filed December 9, 2022. Because this matter is an election challenge, the return hearing will be set on an accelerated basis,” Judge Peter Thompson wrote in his order. . . . Lake also noted that 25,000 “additional ballots and early voting ballots were discovered two days after Election Day.” They “just showed up,” she observed. “It shows the whole system has serious problems.”"From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 12.12.22,  The Geller Report: AZ Whistleblower: Chain Of Custody For OVER 298,942 Maricopa County Ballots Delivered To Runbeck On Election Day Did Not Exist, Employees Allowed To Add Family Members’ Ballots Without Any Documentation. At News Busters, ‘Google at It Again,’ Search Giant Favored Warnock in Search Results in Neutral GA Precinct. Do you imagine it ever stopped?

"Boebert holds off Democratic opponent Adam Frisch, who conceded last month." The AP whines Recount confirms Lauren Boebert narrowly held her House seat. Sundance reports Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Will Propose Ranked Choice Voting to State Legislature, which is a seriously bad idea. "Ranked Choice Voting is a particularly insidious way for party control officers to stop unapproved candidates, it also provides the opposition party with a tool to defeat specifically targeted opponents.  As we saw in the Alaska midterm race, it was the second-choice votes of democrats that pushed Senator Lisa Murkowski to victory." Also, Mitch McConnell Laments the Problem with Voters: “Our Ability to Control the Primary Outcome Was Quite Limited in 2022″… Well, you campaign with the electorate you have, not the one you want. John Sexton at Haut Hair, Republicans won the turnout battle but still lost many of the races that mattered. Dave Catron at Am Spec explains Why Moore v. Harper Terrifies Democrats, "It gives SCOTUS a chance to end interference by state courts in federal elections." Scott Morefield at Town Hall on Midterms, Moving, And Our Inevitable National Divorce.  Paul Bedard at WaEx hears the Liberal Media Scream: MSNBC and Beschloss democracy wins only if Democrats do. Politico whines Democracy for America on track to shut down. Fortunately, it's just Howard Dean's agitprop group. 

At WaEx, ‘I’m not a Washington Democrat’: Manchin leaves door open to becoming independent. His Relevancy has taken a hit recently. At Fox, Vulnerable Montana senator won't commit to re-election bid: 'Retire or lose' says state GOP. "Sen. Jon Tester refuses to say whether he will seek re-election in 2024" Jazz Shaw again, More infighting as search continues for alternative to McCarthy as next Speaker. 'You do it! No, you do it!' Robert Merz at Am Think thinks Republican Babes-in-the-Woods Will Soon Meet the Democrat Realpolitik, "The Democrats have no intention of sitting quietly while the truth about the Bidens and their ties to China comes out." At WaEx, Five things Democrats are racing to complete before they lose power in January "Government spending bill . . . Trump’s tax returns . . . Jan. 6 committee . . . Immigration reform . . . Debt ceiling". Matt Vespa, You'll Never Guess the Latest January 6 Bombshell  "the latest January 6 development doesn’t pass the smell test. We’re learning about this lone intelligence analyst now. Yahoo! News has the scoop, where a young intelligence officer at the Department of Homeland Security stumbled upon multiple threads about the overthrow of the American government, sneaking weapons into the Capitol Building undetected, and anecdotes about a Second American Civil War. What’s his/her/they/ze name? We don’t know—Yahoo! is shielding the identity over safety concerns (via Yahoo! News). . . "

Judicial Watch: NIH Records Reveal FBI Inquiry of Wuhan Grant. But to prosecute, or cover up? With the FBI it could go either way. Mary Margaret Olohan  at Da Signal catches DOJ Official Admitting Targeting Pro-Lifers Is Response to Overturn of Roe, sort of, by inference. 

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