Thursday, December 15, 2022

Flotsam and Jetsam 12/15/22 - More DIY

Really gotta go soon. Pick through the wrack line for something interesting.


The ‘Twitter Files’ have opened the company's censorship decisions to public scrutiny | The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression
Musk Is Cutting Twitter to the Bone, and the Lamentations of the Karens Are Glorious – PJ Media
Twitter AI Reportedly Flagged ‘MyPillow’ and ‘Trump 2024’ as ‘Misinformation’ – PJ Media
Dorsey: I did "the wrong thing" on content moderation – HotAir
Kash Patel wants to know about the role of Wray and Barr in the FBI and DOJ liaison with Twitter - The New Neo
Ace of Spades HQ Can We Actually Prosecute Fauci Under Title 18 Section 241 for Conspiracy to Deprive Citizens of Their Civil Rights, Through Censorship?
Liberals struggle to find viable Twitter alternative after Musk takeover | The Hill
Government Warns That With Elon Owning Twitter They Will Only Control 97% Of The Media | Babylon Bee
The First Amendment Is Dying And You Might Be Killing It
The Dots Could Connect Themselves - by Jeffrey Carter
The Obamas Despise Free Speech, and Show It - American Thinker
Michelle Obama: Censor-in-Chief - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics
Hunter Biden's allies are intimidating witnesses – HotAir
Biden Family Corruption Is Being Covered Up, and It All Leads to Joe – PJ Media
Instapundit » Blog Archive » WSJ ON OUR DISHONEST, DYSFUNCTIONAL, DISASTROUS RULING CLASS: Hunter Biden’s Laptop and 2020’s …

Politics, as usual

Joe Biden Reportedly Fed-Up With Media Fixation on His Age
Media Now Begging Biden To Not Die On Them - Victory Girls Blog
Major Media Outlets Never Verified Creepy Torture Story Peddled By Disgraced Biden Nuke Official | The Daily Caller
Kari Lake Is Still Punching Hard at Maricopa County Corruption – PJ Media
Are States Leaking Voters' Data? - The American Conservative
The Top 3 Illegal Ballot Harvesting Cases That Should Be Prosecuted – PJ Media
Election-Fraud Corruption Is Deeper than Anyone Can Imagine - American Thinker
With A New $80 Million Pledge, 'Zuckbucks 2.0' Is Coming For 2024
SEC Chairman Gensler Scrubbed Evidence Of Clinton, Soros And Pelosi Meetings: FOIA Lawsuit – Summit News
Report: The Democrats’ Senate Campaign Arm Needs a New Boss. No One Wants the Job.
Young Voters Losing Enthusiasm for Democrats — But So What? – PJ Media
The Plaintive Wails of the Irrelevant - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics
Handcuffed SBF Does a Final Favor for Democratic Allies

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