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Flotsam and Jetsam - Twitterfiles #7 Washes Up, J6 Star Chamber Finishes by Siccing DOJ on Trump

Another really big shew today. First, Twitter files #7 dropped, really detailing how the FBI effectively took directed political censorship at Twitter (and likely the other social media companies) and second, the to the surprise of absolutely no one, the Jan. 6 Star Chamber held their last hearing by voting to refer Donald Trump to the DOJ for prosecution on insurrection and other bullshit, and filed ethics charges against prominent Republican opponents, including Jim Jordan and Kevin McCarthy (the next speaker of the House, if he can ever get his act together).

First, Elon Musk and Twittermania. A brief aside while we examine the out come of Elon Musk's poll as to whether he should continue as Twitter's CEO. The answer was no, by some 57% or so. Jonathon Turley comments Will Musk Step Down After Twitter Poll? The Anti-Free Speech Movement Certainly Hopes So

On Twitter Sunday, Musk seemed to say that he would follow the results but expressed pessimism about the prospects for a new CEO. He said that the person “must like pain a lot” to run a company that “has been in the fast lane to bankruptcy.” He further noted that “no one wants the job who can actually keep Twitter alive. There is no successor.”

That is precisely why the left wants Musk out. As shown in companies like Disney, the left can muscle executives to take actions even against the interests of the company or shareholders. The left has strived to make such campaigns personal for executives, who often yield rather than risk being individually tagged and targeted.

That is why it was essential to remove Musk. The political and media establishments generally are unstoppable forces — but they met their first immovable object in Musk.

Jim Treacher,  It's Okay to Log Off, Elon, "It'll still be there when you get back." At PI, Elon Musk Makes a Point About Power That Conservatives Need to Understand “Those who want power are the ones who least deserve it.” At Twitchy,  Iowahawk already has big, bold plans for Twitter if Elon Musk decides to step down. I like his platform.

Michael Shellenberger dropped the 7th Twittergate file here. "The FBI & the Hunter Biden Laptop. How the FBI & intelligence community discredited factual information about Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings both after and *before* The New York Post revealed the contents of his laptop on October 14, 2020." At Fox, Twitter Files Part 7: FBI, DOJ 'discredited' information about Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings. "'Organized effort' by intelligence community to influence Twitter, independent writer says." Kevin Downey at PJ Media, THE TWITTER FILES, Part VII: The FBI All Up in Twitter's Business. Sundance at CTH, Twitter Files Part 7 – The DHS/FBI Teleporter One-Way Telecommunications Channel into Twitter, How the FBI Used and Paid Twitter for Censorship and Twitter Files Supplemental – DHS/FBI Demands So Pervasive, Even Top Woke Twitter Executives Began to Think the Govt Was Going Too Far. Technofog's Substack, More Twitter Files: Intelligence Community Pressure Campaign against Twitter And - FBI paid millions to Twitter for its cooperation. At Newsbusters, Rep. Comer: FBI Had Its Own ‘Ministry Of Propaganda. Nice Deb at Am Great  Reports FBI Conducted Domestic Influence Operation Targeting Social and Corporate Media to Discredit Hunter Biden Laptop Story. Ace, Twitter Files Part 7: The Guns Begin to Smoke
This starts to bring it all together. "This isn't smoking gun proof yet. But this begins to show us where to find the smoking guns. And it tells us that yes, the FBI deliberately ran a coordinated disinformation campaign against the people of the United States of America, and a coup against the lawful government of the United States of America that the people had elected."

Sundance, Looking at DHS Discussion with a New Twitter File Context, We Discover the Inflection Point "The United States Department of Homeland Security made a quiet and alarming announcement on August 13, 2021, creating the official position of the United States Government under the Joe Biden regime. [SEE DHS STATEMENT HERE] According to the statement if you questioned the orthodoxy of government mandates, or COVID-19 responses from the U.S. government, you were -effective immediately- considered a “terrorist”, specifically a “Domestic Violent Extremist” (DVE)." David Strom at Haut Hair rhetorically wonders Why was Twitter filled with retired FBI guys? Are we sure they were really retired? At Am Think Pat Gibbs thinks about The Feds' 'Misinformation' Scam. At the Conservative Brief, Musk Cracks Joke When Asked If He Fears Being Raided by FBI. Musk, who has described Twitter a “crime scene,” responded to country music star John Rich, who asked, “How long before the FBI raids @elonmusk ‘s home?” The Twitter boss quipped in response: “I don’t have a home.”Another user, Five Times August, responded to Musk with a joke of his own: “BREAKING: ‘Homeless man buys Twitter'” — to which Musk responded with a LOL emoji." 

Twitter is now mostly open, for now. The rest of the venues remain wholly controlled. Brownstone has posts tagged, throttled, and sometimes deleted from LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and it is a constant struggle to avoid Google’s own push against our content. Even ridiculous sites with no credibility or reach appear high in search engines when our content is searched. This is not an algorithm at work.
At JTN John Solomon reports DOJ snooped on House Intelligence Committee investigators during Russia probe, subpoenas show,  "Officials used grand jury to obtain Google email, phone data for at least two top investigators for panel's Republican chairman, Devin Nunes." But sundance corrects him, No, The DOJ Did Not Subpoena Kash Patel’s Email and Phone Data – Get Specific, Andrew Weissmann and the Mueller Special Counsel Did

John Sexton at Haut Hair, The Elon Musk stalker seems real but the connection to ElonJet isn't clear. At PM, Antifa member who ran violent Colorado Twitter account revealed to be ‘furry’ journalist, "I think a big part of me gravitating toward antifa was a substitute for the rush and excitement of being in the army. Pretty much everything we did was influenced by small-unit tactics and ranger handbook stuff."

And the foreordained came to pass. Althouse, "The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol will hold its last public meeting on Monday afternoon..." ""The panel is... expected to vote on referring Mr. Trump to the Justice Department on charges of insurrection, obstruction of an official proceeding of Congress and conspiracy to defraud the United States. . . ." and "The House Jan. 6 committee voted Monday to recommend the Justice Department pursue a batch of criminal charges against former President Donald Trump..." "CNN reports the unsurprising news." At PJ Media Vodka Pundit says It's Official: January 6 Committee Refers Trump to DOJ for Criminal Prosecution and Stephen Kruiser, chimes in the  J6 Commies Opt for Weaponizing Trump With Political Martyrdom.  At WaEx, Adam Schiff says 'sufficient evidence' to charge Trump ahead of final Jan. 6 public meeting. Schiff is famous primarily for claiming to have seen ample evidence of Trump having colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 election, and then not being able to produce even a scintilla. Sundance, J6 Committee Formally Accuses President Trump of Daring to Oppose Clinton and Biden, Thereby Inciting an Insurrection and Washington DC Labels Donald Trump an “Enemy of the State” – Meanwhile Americans Shrug and Say “Yup, That’s Why We Voted for Him”…. The New Neo, The January 6th committee… "…does exactly what it was always going to do: recommend that the DOJ indict Donald Trump." John Sexton, Jan. 6 committee comes to an end with vote to refer Trump to DOJ for possible charges

Sarah Arnold at Town Hall reports the GOP To Release a 100 Page Rebuttal to Jan. 6, which will go exactly nowhere, because the MSM won't cover it. Atop Da Hill, Trump responds to Jan. 6 criminal referrals: ‘It strengthens me’. Ben Whedon at JTN  notes how Trump trolls Cheney for primary loss after Jan. 6 committee refers him to DOJ for criminal charges

At WaEx, Jan. 6 hearing: Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan among four Republicans referred to House Ethics Committee. WGAL, Jan. 6 committee recommends ethics inquiry against US Rep. Scott Perry. For not being obsequious enough.  I'm sure the Republicans will be more than happy to do the same to a few J6 Committee members when they take over in January.

At Da FreeP, The Rise of the DeSantis Democrats, "Like Reagan Democrats once upon a time, these voters have already reshaped the political landscape in Florida. Can they do the same nationally in 2024?" “Why DeSantis?” I shout. Williams is a black woman who looks to be pushing forty. She has a fiancĂ© and, after two slow years, a job. It was her brother, she says, who made her rethink her politics. Finally, she shouts back, over the bar, through the din: “Money.” Matt Vespa at Town Hall, a GOP Senator tells Why I'm Getting the Hell Outta Here "No, it wasn’t worse than 9/11, but Braun told Politico that the riot was the sign that it was time to get the hell out of this town."

Emma Hurt butthurt at Anxious, Scoop: Stacey Abrams campaign in debt after blowout loss. The shine has worn off. Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, Abrams campaign: “We did not just lose, we got blown out" -- and so did their money. At LI, Mary Chastain has a Report: Stacey Abrams Campaign Owes Over $1 Million to Vendors, "Huge debt despite raising over $100 million." Time to go on a diet. 

On Da Hill, Kari Lake calls for imprisoning Maricopa County election officials. Well, they are criminally incompetent. 

At Spiked, ‘The trans movement is built on fear and intimidation’. "Deirdre O’Neill and Michael Wayne discuss the No Platforming of their film, Adult Human Female."

Greg Piper at JTN reports California college trustee wants to 'cull' conservative faculty, 'take 'em to the slaughterhouse' "Lawyer for history professors, already suing Kern Community College District for First Amendment retaliation, demands apology for "at best intimidating" language against his clients by trustee."

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