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Flotsam and Jetsam - Another Twitterfest

Man, that Elon Musk and his crew of Twitterminers don't even take Saturday of, with a new tranche of files, specifically regarding how the decision to permanently ban Donald Trump was made, and a new journalist, Michael Shellenberger to present them. At JTN, 'Twitter Files Part 4’ details how platform changed policy specifically to ban ‘Trump alone’  "The latest thread, published by writer Michael Shellenberger, details the process that "Twitter executives" took as they were "build[ing] the case for a permanent ban" against the former Republican president." Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair, Twitter Files dump number 4. How Donald Trump was banned. Althouse, In The Twitter Files, Part 4, Michael Shellenberger looks at "The Removal of Donald Trump: January 7," highlights to role of outside people, e.g. Michelle Obama in calling for his ouster. Twitchy, Part Four of the #TwitterFiles has dropped, detailing the removal of Donald Trump.

Of course, we're still mulling over the first three installments, too. Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair claims the Third "Twitter files" installment finally shows FBI involvement in censorship. At Reason, Robby Soave Twitter Files: FBI, DHS Reported Tweets for Election Misinformation, "Content moderators had "weekly confabs" with law enforcement officials, reports Matt Taibbi." Tristan Justice at Da Fed reports the Third Batch Of Twitter Files Shows Twitter’s Lead Censor Joking About FBI Collusion. Jeff Charles at Red State, The Twitter Files Part III: The Banning of Donald Trump. Sundance at CTH, Twitter Files Release #3 – The Pre-Election Monitoring, Filtering and Control of Public Discussion Including Donald Trump

Reaching back to the second wave, Stacy McCain highlights  Shadowbanning Is Real, and Vijaya Gadde Lied About It. He was an early victim of outright Twitter bans, for reasons no one has ever been quite able to figure out. "Did I mention that Twitter executives were at times acting on orders from the FBI in deciding whose election-related content got flagged? Because that seems kind of important, doesn’t it?" Rusty Weiss at PI, Latest Twitter Files Bombshell Show Twitter Execs Lied to Congress About Shadow Banning Conservatives. Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed notes the Head Of Twitter’s Censorship Operation Was A Former FBI, CIA Operative, Jeff Carlton. From PM, Former DoD intelligence specialist is head of Twitter's elections response team, deletes LinkedIn after Twitter Files revelations. "In a series of tweets, Taibbi showed that Twitter's Elections & Crisis Response Patrick Conlon was pushing for the removal of jokes by conservatives on the platform." Insty, WELL, NOW WE KNOW WHY LIBS OF TIKTOK GOT PUT THROUGH THE WRINGER: Christopher Rufo looks at Yoel Roth’s academic publications and concludes ‘dude’s research background is wild.’ (Twitchy). Yoel Roth@yoyoel "I enjoy having the kinds of meetings where googling “gay bareback porn” is considered academic work." Paula Bolyard at PJ Media, OK, Groomer: Former Twitter Exec Yoel Roth Wondered if High School Students Could Consent to Sex With Teachers, hopefully. At Breitbart, Former Disinformation Board Executive Nina Jankowicz, Other DHS Officials, Planned Meeting with Facebook’s Head of Security. Twitter was only the tip of the spear. Sundance says Twitter File Evidence shows Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Donald Trump Have Something in Common…" … Both were targets of the U.S. government’s use of Twitter and social media to manipulate election outcomes."

From Althouse, "The 'Twitter Files' Is What It Claims to Expose." Asserts Eric Levitz at Intelligencer. "All right. We have seen the "nothingburger" response to the Twitter Files. This is the I'm-rubber-you’re-glue response: You are the very thing that you denounce. Let's see how we'll this argument works. I'll cut as close to the core as I can for this excerpt. . . " Twitchy, Glenn Greenwald shares part of Matt Taibbi’s Substack that explains why ‘journos are so enraged’ "The old-guard media are realizing they can no longer fully control the narratives and their panic/fury is palpable." Also, Hulk dash? Mark Ruffalo announces he’s leaving Twitter by not actually leaving Twitter. 'I can quit anytime I want!' Derek Hunter at Town Hall identifies what he thinks are The Twitter Files That Really Have Leftists Worried. The files of liberal journalists asking for conservatives to be taken down. 

"For people who ironically claim to support the First Amendment and publicly inflate themselves as purer than the wind-driven snow, the idea of their emails to the Stasi being exposed has to scare the hell out of them. It has to be even more awkward than riding the elevator with someone you're turned into the real Stasi knowing the clock is ticking on them finding out it was you who dimed them out."

Nick Arama at Red State sees Ana Navarro, Other Liberals Melt Down at Horror of Right-Wingers in Their Twitter Timelines, no longer banned to the shadows. NRO's Jin Geraghty, cited at Haut Hair asks Has the Twitter user experience changed under Musk? ". . . But all of that complicates the preferred narrative: “Elon Musk bought Twitter, and the hate-mongers took over.” Because Twitter was such an online earthly paradise before then." At RCP, Don’t Overreact to Musk’s Changes, Twitter Advertising Still Worth It

Mike LaChance, Elon Musk Pulls a Reagan vs. Air Traffic Controllers Move by Firing Janitors Protesting at Twitter " Our cleaning contractor at Twitter was told by Twitter that they are cutting the contract . . . Now let’s all remind the left of what they said every time Twitter shut down a conservative. Twitter is a private company, and it can do whatever they want." Steve Hartkopf@srobhartkopf, "How Elon Musk Handled a Janitors Strike at Twitter HQ. For comparison, 20 janitors lose their jobs and it's national news and the Dems are outranged. 11,000 pipeline workers lost their job thanks to Biden and it was (mostly) crickets. Enjoy the show!"Althouse again, "Elon Musk, ever a bundle of contradictions and inconsistencies, has long made his politics tricky to pin down." "The NYT — ever a bundle of [fill in the blank] — has been avoiding the "Twitter Files" but is delving into The Mind of Musk in "Critics Say Musk Has Revealed Himself as a Conservative. It’s Not So Simple. Elon Musk has tweeted about political topics regularly since taking over Twitter, often belittling some liberal causes. But what he stands for remains largely unclear" by Jeremy W. Peters.

He sounds like any intelligent American who isn't drawn to party politics. We may even be the majority! If only the New York Times could stop catering to the Democratic Party and write for us.
Often, it seems, his posts are motivated by personal pique, not political philosophy....
Great! An actual human being. Some people love them.

'Bonchie' at Red State sees a hint of a coming release, Elon Musk Teases Damning New Twitter Files Release, Makes Shocking Statement About Anthony Fauci  Aaron Murray@murraymints82  "Replying to@elonmusk "When will we get the twitter files on covid? The info on the suspension of the many doctors and scientists? Who was involved? Suppression of what has turned out to be factual information. Elon Musk @elonmusk Replying to @murraymints82 Oh it is coming bigtime …"

Musk is nothing if he isn’t a meticulous marketer, and there’s no way that is just an idle statement. He’s alluding to evidence that Fauci was dictating content decisions, which would be an illegal intrusion by the government to quash free speech by proxy. If that’s shown, it would be the biggest revelation so far, and for my money, the most satisfying.

 Althouse, Yikes.

I guess he's seen something we haven't. 

You know, up to now, I've avoided signing up with Twitter; my internet habit is bad enough as it is, and Twitter seems like crack brewed specifically for political junkies, but I may need to join just to show support for Elon Musk, who bet $44 billion (with a "b") he could reform Twitter, and maybe even make it profitable.

At the NYPo, House GOP will ‘roll out red carpet’ for Musk to testify at Biden hearings. From Fox, Kevin McCarthy pledges subpoenas for 51 intel agents in wake of Hunter Biden 'Twitter Files' revelations "Elon Musk shows apparent government-tech collusion in the release of the 'Twitter Files'" At Althouse, "The secrets of Hunter Biden’s laptop spell trouble for Joe/When a trove of emails raised questions about the lucrative business dealings of the Biden family, America’s tech, media and intelligence elites stifled the story." "A very substantial article — by Douglas Murray — in The London Times." At PJ Media, Rick Moran reports Hunter Biden's Friends Are Preparing to Go After Those Who Investigate Him. NewsMax, cited at Haut Hair, Giuliani: Pompeo helped bury the Hunter Biden laptop story, you know. Capt Ed comments "This sounds like payback for Pompeo’s attempts to position himself for the 2024 nomination. How would the Secretary of State be able to “bury” a news story? Why would Giuliani have involved Pompeo in the effort in the first place?" Mary Chastain at LI, Hunter Biden Drags New York Post Reporter to Private Showing of His Paintings Priced Up to $200,000 "Anyone who knows anything about history knows one of the easiest ways to launder money is through the art trade."

And now, some DIY to clean up the wrack line for next week's debris:

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