Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Birthday!

To this blog.  Two years ago tonight, just about this time of day, I first set fingers to the the keyboard, got onto blogspot, and started this blog.  It's been fun so far, so I reckon I'll keep at it awhile longer.  Along the way, I have amassed almost 4000 posts, and over 1 million page views, a milestone I celebrated some weeks back.

The subjects are still much the same; whatever interests or amuses me today.  Chesapeake Bay news dissected, beach walks and photography,science politics, weird stuff from the internet, girls (hot or not, but preferably hot), zombies and cavegirls.  I must credit much of my success to Wombat-Socho at The Other McCain, for indulging my silly Rule 5 posts.  Apparently I'm not trying hard enough, it took me almost two years to get a million hits, McCain's the original post promised a  million hits in one year, if you followed his model.  Maybe I should read the other four rules...  Maybe tomorrow.

And now for some staples:


and cavegirls

Rule 5 Sunday came on Monday this week over at The Other McCain; thanks Wombat!

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