Monday, November 19, 2012

All You Need to Know about Susan Rice and the Benghazi Timeline

If Obama was fully briefed on the true nature of the terrorist attack within 72 hours, Susan Rice’s subsequent disinformation tour isn’t the only public relations scandal here. To recap, Rice appeared on the Sunday chat shows five days after the raid — and two days after the president was reportedly briefed — falsely asserting that (1) the violence had spun out of “spontaneous” protests, (2) the US had “no information” pointing to a premeditated attack, and (3) our security presence in Benghazi was “substantial” — her most insulting claim of all. But perhaps she was simply an unwitting victim of drastically edited talking points. The president knew better, yet his White House chose to deploy her to recite a specific and misleading version of events for public consumption. But let’s not forget that on September 25, two full weeks after the attack, Obama himself was still publicly hedging on the terrorism question.
Yeah, but they were trying to mislead Al Qaeda into thinking we didn't suspect them, for two weeks...

After they claimed credit.

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