Thursday, November 29, 2012

BBC Hides the Naked Truth

 and by "naturists" you should understand "nudists."
British Naturism said that the people of Africa, Ancient Egypt, Australia and other areas of the world would have been naked during many of the periods of history depicted in the reconstructions. But in what is claimed to be BBC censorship, they are shown wearing costumes of animal skin and cloth often dreamt up by the corporation, says the organisation.

The group is now complaining to parliament after the BBC admitted it had been “obliged” to compromise accuracy to take into account “sensitivities” of audiences. It described the move as another example of the “once proud bastion of journalistic integrity, sacrificing its reputation for commercial reasons”.

Malcolm Boura, BN's Research and Liaison Officer, said "It is astonishing that the BBC, that once proud bastion of journalistic integrity, should be sacrificing its reputation for commercial reasons...
Well, at least I have the journalistic integrity to show my cave girls in their natural clothing.  At least, I think think it's natural.  I'm just a proud bastion of journalistic integrity, I guess.

The group said that in the Exodus from Africa, Ancient Egypt, the Minoans, the Caribs, the Australian aborigines, and members of a contemporary South American tribe, the costumes were the product of the BBC censors, not history.

Mr Boura said: "This series is not an isolated case, BBC programmes and the website often self censor to the point of dishonesty.

“Most of the censorship is hidden so without specialist knowledge few people realise what is being done.

"Whatever happened to the BBC's high ideals of education, journalistic integrity, and honesty?

"The BBC considers this conduct acceptable so we have written to the Culture Media and Sport Committee and we are pursuing this lack of honesty through to the BBC Trust as rapidly as possible.”
Offended that the BBC doesn't show the past as a collection of skinny, ugly naked people? It truly is getting to where somebody can be offended by everything. 

Rule 5 Sunday came on Monday this week over at The Other McCain; thanks Wombat! 

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