Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hurricane Intensity Reaches New Low

Hurricane Sandy was leaped on, almost literally, by left wing politicians and environmental activists as an example of how global warming climate change (what the hell are we calling it this week?) was causing more severe weather.  Fresh from the National Hurricane Center post Sandy (by way of Roger Pielke Jrs. blog, via WUWT) comes this graph of the power dissipation from US falling hurricane systems since 1900:

Individual years are in red, a five year running average in black.  Note that there are large variations, but no overall long term trend.  There are clearly periods of higher activity and lower activity, but even with Hurricane Sandy in the mix, the current 5 year average is the lowest ever.  In no way can it be inferred that global warming is causing increased hurricanes or hurricane damage in the US.

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