Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday 11/25/12 at the Beach

We put it off a good while this morning, but eventually Skye wouldn't let me procrastinate any more.  Without the wind from yesterday and the  sun a little more often, the 40 F temperature was much more tolerable than yesterday
I relented and let Skye back off the leash today, and she was, well, pretty good.  You can see for an old dog, she still has "it".  Well, up until she tried to jump a log, blew the jump and hit it square with her chest, and took the wind out of her for a while. After that she walked the rest of the way home.
We got further than yesterday, too, up past the Smiths to where the eagles dwell. I was watching one sitting in a tree, trying to sneak up in case it decided to fly, when a second came in from the bay.
They hung out a while, until I was just ready to get a really good shot, then both of them left.
Not a bad day for fossils; I got 16 sharks teeth, nothing huge, and this Eagle Ray plate that was complete.  The "homeless" gloves are back out for the season.
The mirage was pretty well developed today, with the bay calm and the water and air at pretty different temperatures.  Here is what a ship looked like directly offshore.
And here's what it looked like a few minutes later, after it had turned to go up the next leg on it's way to to Baltimore (or maybe the C&D Canal)

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