Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chilled at the Beach

I stiffed Skye for her morning walk on the beach in favor of helping Georgia grocery shop, but we did go out after lunch.  It was up to 61 F by then (at least at home), and I risked short sleeves, likely for the last time this year.  It was chilly, but we made it OK.
It was blowing briskly out of the southeast, and there were quite a few sailboats out taking advantage of the wind combined with relative warmth.
 Some fall color, another maple, yellow instead of red.
I found this unusual berry on the cliffs.  Note the three part shell covering a three part berry inside. I have tentatively identified it as Bittersweet Vine or Oriental Bittersweet (Celastrus orbiculatus).  Like almost everything else interesting it turns out to be an invasive species, this one from eastern Asia.
 Skye homes in on some other beach walkers, dressed a little more warmly than I was.  I got by, but it was chilly, especially under the shadow from the cliffs.
One of the big container ships going by.

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