Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stormy Weather at the Beach

We finally had a decent rain early this morning, almost 2 inches, along with a pretty decent thunder storm.  By the time we got to the beach, about 8:30 the sky was only partly cloudy, and there was a decent wind blowing.

We met Ernie, and his dogs, out practicing a little fetch.


 The tide was very high today, due to the winds of the past few days.  That, and the fact that the stream by Matoaka Cottages, made for a pretty wet walk, and not a great day for finding fossils.

One of the harbingers of Fall to come, the blooming of Sweet Autumn Clematis.  Often confused with Virgin's Bower, it is one of those plants escaped from cultivation.  It forms huge mounds of flowering vines.  While described as an invasive, I find it far less widespread than Kudzu, which literally cloaks the cliffs.
It's quite a pretty little flower, and has a wonderful scent.

A sudden cloudburst came in at the end of our walk, and drenched us, and drove us back home.

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