Monday, August 27, 2012

When The Rain Comes

Forget Isaac for a moment. Nearly two thousand miles north a storm with no name is causing problems in the Mid Atlantic. This time last year there was an evacuation for Irene. Now it is a small storm circulating through Virginia that has created problems. It tapped into tropical moisture off of the Atlantic Ocean and dumped a lot of rain on the Delmarva. Just watch the long range radar loop in the video clip on the left. (see below - Fritz)

According to Doppler Radar Rainfall Estimates, parts of Virginia and Maryland received 6-8 inches of rain today. Many more areas picked up a more tolerable 2-4 inches, which may or may not be too late in the growing season for the farmers.
After our walk yesterday, where we got drenched at the end, there was a brief lull which allowed us time to rinse Skye, and our beach shoes, and then the sky opened up.  It thundered and rained all afternoon, and well into the night.  When we came home this evening and emptied the rain gauge, we had accounted for 155 mm of rain, or 6.1 inches since the start of the storm.  We also found 6 inches of rain in Charlie's rain gauge as well.  From the looks of the radar, it may have rained twice as hard on places in the Delmarva.

We had desperately needed the rain, and we're fortunate in that few of the roads in our area are prone to flooding.  Today, the grass is noticably greener.

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