Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another Nice Day at the Beach

It was a pretty nice morning for a beach walk.  Yesterday's front, which culminated in a disappointing few drop of rain, but left us with a cool down to 80 F, and a stiff northern breeze.
The old sunken boat on Calvert Beach was well exposed this morning by the waves generated by the wind.  A few more days and it will be covered again, I'm sure.
Just one of "those" picture, looking out at the Eastern Shore, towards Taylor's Island
The first cast off shell of a Horseshoe Crab.  Usually September seems to be about the peak month for the crabs to shed and their carapaces to wash up on the beach.  Compare to a size 11 foot.
Butterflies had a hard time finding a place to settle on the beach to puddle with all the wind, but these two Eastern Tiger Swallowtails found a spot behind an obstruction to set down and lick minerals off the sand.
 Likewise, this Zebra Swallowtail.
A family fishing trip.  As we were walking by they actually caught a Croaker.  Too bad it was below the legal size of 9 inches.
It was a pretty good day for spotting Ospreys and Eagles too.  I didn't get any good Eagle pictures, but I saw an adult with two juveniles.  A parent with two chicks from this year?  I'm not sure, but our local eagles are doing their best to contribute to the export of young eagles from Chesapeake Bay.
Georgia keeping Skye from going off to join a bunch of kids.

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