Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back to the Beach

We're back at the beach, after a week off.  It's not the best weather, occasionally raining and blowing 15-20 mph out of the east.  But we're not complaining, we desperately need the rain, and Skye is happy to be back at the beach.
It was a good day for soaring birds, though.  This Osprey was using the wind to hover just over one spot in the water.  Eventually he moved away without diving though.
This pteranodon Great Blue Heron was also soaring.  I don't understand that behavior, as they normally feed while standing up.
Why lookie here, it's Joel and Red!  Joel and his wife have been on a long cruise out of Boston, about a month, that hit all the Atlantic Arctic hot spots, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, which is why he and Red have been absent from blog posts for a while.

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