Monday, August 13, 2012

Reston Schools Don't Want to Save the Bay, Either

If it will cost more than the minimum: Will School Renovations Hurt Environment? 
An environmental consulting firm has found many flaws with Fairfax County Public Schools' plans for renovation and expansion at Terraset and Sunrise Valley Elementary Schools.

Both of those schools, which are more than 30 years old, are scheduled to be renovated nest year as part of FCPS' FY2012-16 Capital Improvement Plan.

Mike Rolband, president of Wetland Studies and Solutions Inc., says he is "hopeful that higher-level school people will revise the plans" before construction begins. He says that the renovations at South Lakes High School several years ago were done with a "total disregard" for the environment. This time he is hoping to have an impact before it is too late, he said.

Among his concerns:

* The renovations increase the peak flow and volume of stormwater runoff – damaging downstream channels.
* The renovations increase the pollutant loads as measured by Total Phosphorous but utilizing a method currently allowed in the Fairfax Public Facility Manual – but not in the new state stormwater management regulations (approved – but not mandated to be used until 2014 – and then there are grandfathering provisions).
* FCPS' plans demonstrate a lack of commitment to reduce phosphorus, nitrogen and sediment loadings into local waters and the Chesapeake Bay, said Rolband
Oh man, they pulled the "Save the Bay card!"  Those rascally administrators are trying to get away with spending a minimum amount of money necessary to meet the legal requirements.  They must hate the Bay!  Nothing will suffice except the maximum amount of tax money being spent to achieve the last possible iota of environmental benefit!

Of course, Wetland Studies and Solutions Inc., an environmental consulting firm, has absolutely no financial interest in spending more money than necessary...

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