Thursday, August 16, 2012

Let 'Em Eat Unicorn Poop

The impact on poor communities of cutting Chesapeake Bay pollution through credit trading is being questioned.

The nonprofit Center for Progressive Reform said Wednesday that a new report finds that even if trading cuts overall pollution, it might still have a negative impact on low-income and minority communities.

The trading system allows some polluters to buy credits for cuts made by others. Supporters say that can encourage additional cuts by some polluters who could then sell credits. But the authors say the buyers of the credits could create pollution hot spots. The center says the programs do not ensure the benefits of pollution reduction are shared by poor and minority communities.
The objections being offered here remind me that these people don't want to really want to see industry regulated and pollution minimized, they simply want industry eliminated.  Why would the industries move to low-income and minority areas?  Because they want to bring pollution to the low income and minorities?  Of course not.  The would move there because the low-income and minority communities need jobs, and therefore jobs there would be cheaper. And they really don't want low income and minority communities to have the choice to accept those jobs.

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