Saturday, November 3, 2012

Brisk at the Beach

This was our first strip down to the beach for a walks since Hurricane Sandy.  When Skye and I got down to the beach this morning, it was only about 43 F, and blowing about 15; the chilliest morning since sometime last spring.
 The eagles were about, and up to their usual tricks, sitting, flying, and chasing each other.

Some fresh food!  The eagles, and all the other scavengers will be eating well for a while.  Not clear what happened to it; maybe Sandy?
An unusual atmospheric trick.  Sunlight shining on clouds beyond the cloud layer showing underneath like a sunset, and being stretched by  the mirage.  There's quite a lot of zoom in this photo.
Just about the end of the walk, the clouds blew past...
And cleared up almost entirely.

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