Friday, December 2, 2022

Maryland, My Maryland

 Lincoln Brown at PJ Media, Maryland's Biggest County Moves to Ban Natural Gas

In the Age of the Virtue Signal, it is only natural that other left-leaning entities would want to mimic the practices of the most destructively progressive government since the creation of the world. Following the Golden State’s example, Montgomery County, Md., is planning to pull the plug, or more appropriately, cap the pipe on natural gas in the coming years.

According to a report in Energy Wire, this past Tuesday, the Montgomery County Council voted 9-0 to ban the use of natural gas as a source of heat in new construction. The decision still needed the signature of the county executive, who has already voiced support for the move. The new law will take effect at the end of 2026.

The alternative? Electricity, of course. Other “non-combustible” forms of energy will be permitted, but electricity will probably be preferred, despite the warnings to the council from critics that it will be expensive. Electricity will be used for heating rooms, water heaters, and cooking. Restaurants, life science labs, manufacturing facilities, and crematories will be exempt. I’m not sure how much electricity one needs to cremate remains, but that is probably something best not explored. Residences with more than four stories, public housing, and schools will enjoy an extension until 2027.

Hans Reimer, who is the chair of the all-Democrat council, called the move a giant step forward and predicted that the rest of the state would follow in the county’s footsteps. He stated, “Montgomery County will now be a national leader in the push for electrification as a solution for climate change.”

Natural gas can be easily and safely extracted. It is clean-burning and environmentally friendly. Moreover, it’s cost-effective for the average consumer. But Montgomery County can now crow about how progressive it is. And its citizens can pay the price.

Meanwhile, a huge natural gas pipeline runs down our county to natural gas export facility located a few miles down the Bay, right past the nuclear power plant that supplies much of Maryland energy supply. If I could wave a magic wand I would forbid the exports of energy from our county to Montgomery or any county with a policy of banning certain forms of power.

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