Saturday, March 14, 2020

Rule 5 Saturday - The Girl Who Broke Wikipedia - Denise Milani

 Or at least the English version: Why doesn’t Wikipedia have an article about Denise Milani?
Despite being a world-famous bosomy lad-magazine model, Ms. Milani is not permitted to have a Wikipedia biography. Formerly from the Czech Republic and currently residing in Los Angeles, she is unquestionably notable. Typing Milani’s name into Google gives 10,300,000 results, including links to her personal website and her fan-saturated Facebook with 309,000 followers, as well as thousands of photos of her “assets” online. Yet Wikipedia has declared her a “non-person”. For the manchild-dominated Wikipedia, the contempt for a famous pinup model is inexplicable. Evidently her articles were created by either lovestruck fanboys or by paid editors, thus making them appear to be advertisements, and thus “evil”. Even a beautiful face and a magnificent pair of breasts, plus massive media coverage, is not sufficient to keep Ms. Milani from being consigned to the seekret Paid-Editor Dungeon. Thus making her Wikinvisible. Articles about Milani can be found in the Czech Wikipedia, Spanish Wikipedia, French Wikipedia, Italian Wikipedia, and Portuguese Wikipedia — but not English.
 And why can't we have nice things?
*Every attempt to create an article about Ms. Milani has resulted in an ugly battle. The record shows seventeen deletions, to date. Putting her on a par with Wiki-Enemies like Daniel Brandt, Rachel Marsden, Allison Stokke, Brian Peppers and many others. There may be other deletions/recreations of Milani’s article, not documented due to oversighting. An example of what the article may have looked like is saved in this 2009 personal copy. Compare that to the fr-WP version.

**A September 2007 AFD was extremely hostile.

**A second attempt in December. with a slightly different name, was “speedy-deleted”.

**A third attempt in August 2010 gave similar results.

*Every attempt results in noticeboard posts, usually by the same deletionists. ””Given the highly intrusive personal/private information included in some of the references added by User:Donare24 and others, this article should be a prime candidate for RevDel or oversight. Hullaballoo Wolfowitz (talk) 15:51, 23 August 2010 (UTC)””
Just don't let her talk you into taking any suitcases across national borders or state lines.

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