Monday, March 30, 2020

I Got Nothing

No Russigate anywhere in sight, and I don't want to dive into WuFlu. But if you do, here are some places that have aggregated  news:

From Ace's, J.J. SEfton has The Morning Report - 3/30/20

From Doug Ross, Larwyn’s Linx: The origins of the coronavirus: an interview with Sen. Tom Cotton

Also, you might be interested in Trump Was RIGHT: Chloroquine Works Against Coronavirus, Doctor Says and FDA Approves ‘Game Changer’ Drug, from The Other McCain.  Skepticism is still warranted, but there's hope.

Watching Chuck Todd try to play Gotcha with Dr. Birx, from Sundance at CTH: Dr. Deborah Birx -vs- Chuck Todd. She's a lot smarter than he is.

Via Alhouse,Stay safe, everybody!

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