Monday, March 16, 2020

WuFlu Update

Well, as of yesterday,  Governor Hogan closed all the public schools in Maryland tentetively for 2 weeks (although I'm sure it will go much longer), and then today, ordered bars and restaurants to close tonight at 5 PM. Wow, considering as of today Maryland has 37 reported cases, and no deaths so far. The closures
While closing restaurants, Hogan’s order permits drive-thru, carryout and food delivery service. Other steps taken by Hogan included ordering state health officials to assess whether closed hospitals could reopen and other steps to increase capacity by 6,000 beds.

Hogan said the state “wants to get those 6,000 beds up to speed as fast as possible. We’re looking into the possibility of all the closed hospitals that we can get back online.”

Maryland currently has about 8,000 hospital beds, according to Deputy Secretary for Public Health Services Frances Phillips, who spoke after Hogan. She said the additional beds may be needed for “acute care.”

Hogan said utilities — including electric, gas, water, sewer, phone, cable TV and internet companies — are prohibited from shutting off residential customers or charging late fees. And he barred the eviction of any tenant during the state of emergency.

Hogan said the state is working with the federal government on obtaining drive-thru testing for the virus and has activated the Maryland Medical Reserve Corps — 5,000 medical volunteers — to assist if necessary.
This has very little effect on Georgia and I, but our son was taking a class at CSM, and they are probably closed until May or June, and our daughter-in-laws waitress gig at a local restaurant just got cut off.

While I have your attention (if I do), I have a couple of articles you should read, if you haven't already:

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And assuming you make it through that one:

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