Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday Beach Report 5/20/17

After yesterday's 91 F swelter, today's breezy 65 degree weather was a joy. Skye and I made it down to beach around 3 PM to find it pretty well used.
 A fellow fossil hunter searching through a bunch of shell fragments retained on a big sieve. That's too much work for me
 Although I only found one shark's tooth, it was a pretty good one, the largest "Mako" (actually a White Shark probably ancestral to today's Great White) tooth of the year, by just a smidgen, and thus occupies a place of honor on the kitchen window sill until beaten by a larger tooth. It was just sitting out on the sand in the surf waiting to be picked up, or covered again.
Despite the breeze, there were some butterflies in the milkweed that grows in the sand dunes. The milkweed is a perennial that comes up from the old root stock and blooms each spring. This is a Variegated Fritillary
And this one is an American Lady,

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