Saturday, May 6, 2017

Rule 5 Saturday - The Perfect Canvas - Kenza Fourati

 This week's Rule 5 special is dedicated to Tunisia's main contribution to the world, Kenza Fourati, subject of many body painting photo shoots by SI:
Fourati was born in Lille, France on May 13, 1987. She moved to her native Tunisia with her family when she was two months old, growing up in the coastal town of La Masra in Tunisia.

Fourati's mother, Dora Bouchoucha, is a Tunisian film producer and her father, Kamel Fourati, is a radiologist in Tunisia. Her paternal grandfather, Mohamed Fourati, was a cardiologist and a pioneer of heart transplant surgery in Tunisia. Her paternal grandmother, Michèle Roly, is French and a native of Lille in northern France. Fourati has a younger sister, Maleke Fourati, who is a PhD candidate in Development Economics at the UNSW Business School, in Australia.
As the first Arab Muslim model to be featured in Sports Illustrated, she raised debates in Tunisian society and abroad about what it means to be Muslim and about variety within the religion. In August 2011, during the Muslim month of Ramadhan, Fourati appeared in a bikini and body paint on the cover of Tunivisions, which created controversy.

In a 2012 interview, Fourati was critical of the magazine, saying:"Last year I shot a cover for a magazine wearing a bikini and my body was covered by a Victor Hugo poem. I loved the idea and the poem preaching love and tolerance, but the magazine edited it in an aggressively provocative way and it delivered the wrong message. So yes, that would be the only thing I would do differently. I was too naive back then."
Her home page, InstagramFacebook and Twitter. Who says all Muslims are stuck in the 12th century? Some NSFW material here.

I'm preparing  this too early see what GOODSTUFF is up to this week, so go check it out yourself.

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