Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Reason #5538 That Trump Was Elected

A daily double. Hillary Clinton was a loser: Via Wombat-socho's "In The Mailbox: 5.02.17", Donald Douglas at American Power explains that "Democrats Know Why Clinton Lost"
Many Democrats have a shorthand explanation for Clinton’s defeat: Her base didn’t turn out, Donald Trump’s did and the difference was too much to overcome. But new information shows that Clinton had a much bigger problem with voters who had supported President Barack Obama in 2012 but backed Trump four years later.

Those Obama-Trump voters, in fact, effectively accounted for more than two-thirds of the reason Clinton lost, according to Matt Canter, a senior vice president of the Democratic political firm Global Strategy Group. In his group’s analysis, about 70 percent of Clinton’s failure to reach Obama’s vote total in 2012 was because she lost these voters.

In recent months, Canter and other members of Global Strategy Group have delivered a detailed report of their findings to senators, congressmen, fellow operatives and think tank wonks – all part of an ongoing effort to educate party leaders about what the data says really happened in last year’s election.

“We have to make sure we learn the right lesson from 2016, that we don’t just draw the lesson that makes us feel good at night, make us sleep well at night,” Canter said.

His firm’s conclusion is shared broadly by other Democrats who have examined the data, including senior members of Clinton’s campaign and officials at the Democratic data and analytics firm Catalist. (The New York Times, doing its own analysis, reached a similar conclusion.)
So the ex-Obama voters became racists, and voted for Trump? I wonder how that happened?

In the meantime, Hillary took "responsibility" for losing the election, but blamed the loss on James Comey, the Russians, sexism, and insufficient turnout among illegal aliens. I might have added that last one, but you know she was thinking it.

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