Saturday, May 13, 2017

Benevento and Beyond

This morning we took a walk through Benevento, the town half way down the Apian Way. It's entrance is marked with Trajan's Arch from ca 100 AD:

St. Sophia's church (from last night)

And a Roman amphitheater:

Afterwards we were bused out to the wine co-op at La Guardinaire, where we saw how the make wine on an industrial scale

After wine, and a belly full of delicious snacks designed to pair with the wine, and shortly thereafter went further up the mountain to 

Where we saw a ceramics demonstration and:

Then we headed on up the mountain to the citadel atop La Guardinaire:

From where we saw, among other things, Pliny the Elder's "Sleeping Woman"

Afterwards we drove home, had ant other fabulous wine soaked meal, and retired.

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