Friday, May 5, 2017

When in Rome

We left Skye at Lori's at 9 AM Thursday headed for BWI and the start of our journey to Italy, where we are taking a 10 day tour of southern Italy and Sicily. The tour had us fly to Detroit to catch a plane to Rome, and connect there to Catania, Sicily.

The flight to Motor City was humdrum, an ordinary domestic flight, full, and too tight, but mercifully short. The flight to Rome, however, was a huge full plane sitting in the smallest space imaginable. The tray table was the size of a sheet of 8x12 paper, and I couldn't move without hitting Georgia with an elbow. The food was poor at best, and it was almost impossible to take even a short nap. Thanks Delta.

But eventually, 9 or so hours later, we arrived in Rome, around 9 AM the next day, where we have a 3 hr layover. And to top it off, I left my hat scrunched in the seat, and, after deplaning, had to go back to the gate and beg a cute gate agent (it's a job requirement here) to go and get it. Which she did. Next, we stopped to get a SIM card for the IPad so we can use it for email and blogging. This went well despite the language barrier.

So, now we're waiting in the Rome airport, our passports all stamped, for the flight to Catania. More later. . . 

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