Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Well, We're Back! Did Anything Exciting Happen While We Were Gone?

Say, how is FBI Director Comey's security review investigation into White House leaks going?

It's great to be back home and sleep in our own bed again, after a grueling 24 hour game of hurry up and wait at airports, TSA and Customs lines. We'll pick Skye up from the the doggy spa sometime this morning, and start trying to get onto a normal schedule again.

Things I'm going to miss about Italy:

  • Salami, prosciutto, and wonderful pastries for breakfast
  • Wine with lunch, often multiple selections
  • Good cappuccino nearly everywhere, cheaper than Starbucks. To be fair, if you order it after 10:30 AM, they know you're a foreigner. Espresso, too, for after 10:30
  • Amazing dinners, again with multiple wines, and aperitifs
  • Gelato
  • Outstanding hotels, (for the most part)
  • Cute girls everywhere, dressing in style
Things I'm not going to miss about Italy:

  • Lines at airports and TSA
  • Italian toilets
According to my count, I've taken some 1,367 photographs, so the photos I've posted the past week or so using the IPad only represent a tiny fraction. I'll try to replace those tiny, low-res photos with decent images over the next week or so. Meantime, I'll leave you with this last one I call Salerno Rainbow. Click to enlarge:

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