Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Giant Great White Shark Stalks Georgia Beaches

A really cool site that allows you to follow telemetry tagged Great White Shark on a map.  Right now, a 16 ft shark named Mary Lee is moving down the East Coast, and is currently just off the coast of Georgia.  Go to the site, find the "Sharks" tab, select Mary Lee, and then push the "Where Have I Been" button to see her recent travels.  It's interesting how she seems to loiter around in one area for a while and then make a quick move to another. It looks like 2 days ago, she made a very quick move from the region off Charleston to the region off Beaufort in 1 hr?  That's a distance of about 70 miles in 1 hr?  I doubt it...


  1. Mary lee is now so popular to me and i want to adopt her