Thursday, July 4, 2024

Topless Mopsters Protest Conservative Victory in France

At Wokespy, French Feminists Protest Against National Rally Support… By Topless Mopping

Topless feminists in France have taken to the streets to protest against a surge in support for right-wing parties in the country’s ongoing parliamentary elections.

The snap elections were called by President Emmanuel Macron after strong results for anti-woke and populist movements in the European Parliament elections at the start of June. An improved performance for Marine Le Pen’s National Rally echoed similar results for right-wing parties across the continent.

France holds two rounds of voting to elect its parliament, with the first taking place on Sunday, June 30. National Rally and its allies topped the polls once again securing 34% of the vote – more than 13 percentage points ahead of President Macron’s Ensemble coalition.
So, if we elect Trump, we can expect to see this in Washington D.C.?

The Wombat has Rule Five Sunday: All American Girl up and running at The Other McCain.


  1. At least these French babes are pretty hot. Given the demographics of DC, I’m not sure we’d want to see that. šŸ¤®