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Flotsam and Jetsam - Trump's Immunity Decision Riles Democrats

Yesterday we got the news that the Supreme Court had ruled that all president's and ex-presidents, even Donald Trump had complete immunity for acts committed under the imprimatur of their office, while having no immunity for acts committed as private citizens. Herr Professor Jacobson at LI explains what this means for the Trump persecutions going forward. Immunity Hot Take: The DC Case Against Trump Is Virtually Over. "That doesn’t mean Jack Smith won’t keep trying to fight it."

Ryan King at NYPo, Supreme Court affirms absolute immunity for official acts in Trump case, renders Jan. 6 trial before election unlikely. Matt Vespa at TownHall, CNN Legal Analyst: Don't Be Shocked If Trump's Legal Team Files This Motion Over the Hush Money Verdict. A Larry video at Hat Hair, So Much Winning! Full Immunity, Biden Campaign in Shambles! Ace, Supreme Court Rules on Presidential Immunity, Requiring a New Hearing to Determine Which Acts of Trump's Were "Official" Acts. "The Supreme Court did what many expected it would do: It recognized that presidential immunity exists, but only for certain official actions taken by the president." Althouse takes note of  "As for a President's unofficial acts, there is no immunity. The principles we set out in Clinton v. Jones confirm as much."

Sister Toldja at RedState, wants you to WATCH Bill Barr Rip Through Justice Sotomayor's Hysteria Over the SCOTUS Presidential Immunity Ruling. Vicky Taft at PJM, Supreme Court Justice Thomas Takes Aim at Trump Special Counsel Prosecutor. "I write separately to highlight another way in which this prosecution may violate our constitutional structure," Thomas wrote. "In this case, the Attorney General purported to appoint a private citizen as Special Counsel to prosecute a former President on behalf of the United States. But I am not sure that any office for the Special Counsel has been ‘established by Law,’ as the Constitution requires," he added, citing generalized case law that Attorney General Merrick Garland said supported his decision to appoint Smith." Spencer Brown at TownHall, Clarence Thomas Raises Another Reason Jack Smith's Case Against Trump May Be Unconstitutional.

At the Freep, If Not Biden, Then Who? "Publicly, everyone is behind him. Privately, Democrats are panicked and plotting. I&I, Who Should Get To ‘Finish The Job’? The Answer Was Clear Before The Debate. Breitbart has a  Report that Harris Allies Seethe as ‘White’ Democrats Dominate Biden Replacement Talk.  At Hat Hair's KT thinks The Cringe is Strong as Kamala Harris Mocked for BET Awards Appearance and notes the  DNC to Accelerate Nomination Vote to Preclude Biden Switcheroo. Mark Tapson at Front Page, is annoyed by Kamala’s Cringeworthy Pandering. “Yeah girl, I’m out here in these streets.”  Peter Savodnik reports." Capt. Ed at Hat Hair extracts Dems, Publicly: Biden is 'Master Yoda.' Privately: Jar-Jar "Absolute gutless wonders. Master Yoda? That's gaslighting on an epic scale."  Harold Hutchinson at Da Caller sees Mika Brzezinski Throw Biden’s Staff Under The Bus For Poor Debate Performance: ‘Age Has To Be Managed’ and ‘Country Wants Something New’: James Carville Implores Dems To Show Biden The Door. At NYPo, ‘Morning Joe’ co-host opens MSNBC show with 15-minute monologue defending Joe Biden after debate ‘disaster’Also at Hat Hair, Whoa: Don't Blame Debate Preppers, Says ... Jen Psaki. I don't, it's all Biden. From Anxious, anxiously, Top aides shielded Biden from staff, but couldn't hide the debate. Paul Mirengoff at the Ringside says Biden's problem isn't just that he had a terrible debate. "It's also that he probably did about as well as he can." At Althouse, "I called on Mr. Biden to step aside almost a year ago, warning that he would be forever known as 'Ruth Bader Biden' if he didn’t." "Writes Bill Maher, in "Why I Want an Open Convention" (NYT)." Ace, Joe Biden, Sharp As a Vorpal Tack! Foreign Officials: We've Noticed Biden's Mental Decline for a While Now, WH Officials: Joe Sundowns at 4pm, You Know "Really good video below, thanks to Sock Monkey. Before that: now the WSJ reports that European officials noticed Biden's steep cognitive decline at the G7 meeting -- and before. " John Sexton at Hat Hair, Have You Heard? Joe Biden is Sharp as a Tack. Grayson Bakich at PJM amused by Philadelphia Inquirer Saying Trump Should Drop Out After Debate. Elder abuse.  Althouse  gets "A campaign email slammed those calling on the president to step aside as the 'bed-wetting brigade'..."  Jim Treacher, Biden vs. Democrats? Welcome to the "bedwetting brigade. Twitchy, Carl Bernstein Decided It Was Time to Tell CNN How Many 'Horror Show' Moments President Biden's Had. Dave Catron at Am Spec think Biden’s Debate Debacle Disqualifies His Entire Party. "Last week’s epic reveal demonstrated that the Democrats can no longer be trusted with power." Da Caller notes Nate Silver Calls Dems ‘F*cking Cowards’ Who ‘Should Be Shunned From Public’ For Not Speaking Out About Biden. Hat Hair has NY Times Breaking News: Voters Have Been Concerned About Biden's Age for Some Time.

At Da Caller, Check Out The Most Insane Sentence In The History Of Polling "But the most absurd spin came courtesy of a Democracy Corps survey of Democratic-leaners’ reactions to the debate. “President Biden was hurt badly by the debate, but Donald Trump didn’t benefit on any measure, except the vote,” reads a summary of the survey report." 

Breitbart, Report: Joe Biden Launches Public Relations Campaign to Remain De Facto Nominee. Ace, Biden Repairs At Camp David, to Consult With His Family About Finally Admitting He's Too Demented to Be President, then Biden's Family of Grifters, Power-Trippers, Coke-Heads and Party Whores Has Told Him to Remain In the Race -- But Fire His Advisors. At Hat Hair, Democrats Have Chosen Long, Slow Death March. At Da Mail, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer reveals dire SOS for Joe Biden in Michigan after chaotic presidential debate, but then somebody got to her, Whitmer Now Says Biden Can Win Michigan (Dave Strom at Hat Hair). Anxious anxiously goes Behind the Curtain: Biden's salvation plan. "State of play: Biden's inner circle argues that one bad night of a scratchy voice and a few mangled answers doesn't warrant ending it all. So they're unleashing the full power of the White House and top Democrats to resist the loud calls for him to give up the race." Capt. Ed notes "Notable not for the desperation plan to salvage Biden's candidacy, which is mainly predictable as gaslighting, but for the analogy Axios uses in its headline. Did anyone there realize that 'behind the curtain' is a reference to The Wizard of Oz as exposing the Wizard as a blowhard empty suit?"

From Behind the Black, Is last week’s Biden-Trump debate a game-changing moment or not? Well, it didn't tell us anything we didn't already know, but it hammered it home nicely. From Da Caller, Biden Reads Teleprompter For 5 Minutes, Takes No Questions In First Major Post-Debate Appearance. Matt Vespa, Biden Shuffled Out to Attack the Supreme Court and Everyone Couldn't Ignore His New Appearance. Breitbart, Biden Attempts to Reframe Election Around Jan. 6 in Rushed White House Speech. "Biden, despite reading from a teleprompter, repeatedly slurred his words — at one point seeming to mistakenly read “end of quote” — in a shaky effort more notable for its delivery than content (and what appeared to be a newly applied spray tan). Despite the speech’s brevity, Biden refused to answer questions from multiple reporters asking about his fitness for office and if he would step down from the ticket."

Dave Harsanyi at Da Fed explains Why The ‘Biden Stumbled But Trump Lied’ Narrative Is A Myth. Trump lied. And, yes, Biden stumbled — and blatantly and repeatedly lied. ... These are lies about defining issues of Biden’s presidency. Inflation. The border. Foreign policy. We also shouldn’t forget that Biden would be impelled to lie a lot more if he were regularly asked tough questions." Dave Strom I Am Tired of the 'Trump Lies' and 'Biden Has Integrity' Meme. Becky Noble at RedState sees Burgum and Vance Push Back on Media - Has Biden Cover-Up Caused GOP to Finally Say 'Enough?' 

Spencer Brown at TownHall explains Why Attorney General Merrick Garland Just Got Slapped With a Lawsuit. The next step in obtaining the Hur tapes. Jazz Shaw, Hunter Biden is Suing Fox News Over 'Revenge Porn'  NewsMax reports Hunter Biden Sues Fox News Over 'Mock Trial' Miniseries. Capt. Ed, "Good luck with that. The photos aren't 'revenge porn,' and they relate to someone who is very much as 'public person' in the Sullivan standard. Public persons don't get to sue over 'emotional distress' from public discussion of their actions, a point settled in the Hustler case. This is just a PR stunt, and it's probably going to get tossed as soon as it gets challenged." 

Da Caller, Judge Rejects Biden Admin’s Effort To Dismiss Case Alleging It Funded Palestinian Terrorists. "The lawsuit, first filed in December 2022 by Republican Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson and victims of Palestinian terrorists, claims that the administration violated the law by reinstating aid to Palestinians and allowing funds to flow to a program that pays stipends to imprisoned terrorists as well as their families." From the Free Bacon, Michigan Dem Senate Candidate Downplays Reports on ISIS-Linked Border Crossings. ""At this point, given how much speculation there is out there, I want to see the actual classified information," Rep. Elissa Slotkin said." Jazz Shaw would like you to Meet the Latest Batch of Illegal Migrants.

The Victory Girls hear Irrelevant Nikki Haley Chimes In "Haley told The Wall Street Journal that given how poorly Biden performed on Thursday night, the Democratic Party will likely replace the current nominee with a younger, more coherent candidate. She said: ‘They are going to be smart about it: they’re going to bring somebody younger, they’re going to bring somebody vibrant, they’re going to bring somebody tested.’"

Rachel Alexander at Front Page decries Sadistic Persecution of J6 Political Prisoner Jake Lang Continues Inside Biden's Gulag. Three and a half years of pre-trial detention, 180 days of solitary confinement. Shipwreckedcrew, United States v. Matthew Perna: It Didn't Have To Be This Way. "I don't know who it is, but there is a DOJ Supervisor -- maybe a political appointee -- who should think about Matthew every day the rest of his or her life."
On June 28, 2024, the United States Supreme Court held in Fischer v. United States that a violation of 18 U.S.C. SeƧ. 1512(c)(2) could not be based on allegations involving illegal protest activities, i.e., “by entering and remaining in the United States Capitol without autority and committing an act of civil disorder and engaging in disorderly and disruptive conduct.” In doing so, the Court vacated of every District Court Judge in the District of Columbia who had answered that same question with the opposite finding — except for one.

On December 17, 2021, Matthew Perna was charged by the Biden DOJ with violating Sec. 1512(c)(2) “by entering and remaining in the United States Capitol without authority and committing an act of civil disorder, and threatening Congressional officials, and engaging in disorderly and disruptive conduct.”

Pursuant to a pre-indictment plea agreement that had been negotiated between Matthew, assisted of an experience criminal defense attorney, and the Biden DOJ, Matthew entered a plea of “Guilty” to that charge the same day.

On February 25, 2022, only 70 days after pleading guilty and two weeks prior to his scheduled sentencing, Matthew Perna took his own life.
John Sexton gratified as Antifa Goons Who Attacked Trump Supporters in San Diego Sentenced to Jail

SciTechDaily, AI Outperforms Students in Real-World “Turing Test”. Not that high a bar, really. Stacy McCain writes In Defense of Cynicism.

The Wombat has FMJRA 2.0: Even Worse up and running at The Other McCain.

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