Thursday, January 27, 2022

In a Fit of Mass Formation Psychosis, Justice Breyer Says Sayonara

Sorry about the title, but Stacey wanted to know if We Can Make Thursday ‘Everybody Blog About Mass Formation Psychosis Day’? (followed up with ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ and the Censorship of COVID-19 Criticism). I'm not really all that keen on the term myself, which seems to describe media and goverment lead, global gaslighting of whole populations of susceptible people. As such, it can relate to almost any topic. I don't much worry about the WuFlu anymore. Omicron is the cure; if you're not highly vulnerable, catch it.

Say, Justice Breyer resigns. The media and Democrats will gaslight us on how significant and necessary it is for Biden to get his pick; any opposition will be considered racist, and sexist (since we all expect the nominee for the position to be black and at least nominally female. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 01.26.22 (Afternoon Edition), at the Volokh Conspiracy, NBC News Reports Justice Breyer Will Retire WaPoo, Breyer to retire, giving Biden first Supreme Court pick of his presidency and Breyer replacement to be named relatively quickly. The Peacock, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire, giving Biden a chance to nominate a replacement. Althouse fairly glows after seeing in in the NYT, Breyer will retire! She's not all that kind to the NYT, though. At Haut Hair, AllahPundit notes the obvious in Breaking: Stephen Breyer to retire "Ol’ Justice Breyer knows how to read a poll. The House is gone and the Senate increasingly looks like a 50/50 status-quo best-case scenario for Democrats in 2023." Sundance at CTH, As Expected, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer Will Step Down, Biden Will Likely Nominate Ketanji Brown Jackson. Ace, With Democrat Control of Senate Due to be Lost, Leftwing Ideologue and Democrat Partisan Steven Breyer Announces Retirement, "Brandon vows to nominate the first black female justice. Is Kamala finally positioned for success? Meanwhile: does Sonia Sotomayor's intemperate rant give away that a preliminary vote was taken and Roe is going to be overturned or rendered dead letter?

But did he really intend the news to get out, Fox's Shannon Bream hears otherwise, Shannon Bream@ShannonBream "Multiple sources tell me Justice Breyer was not planning to announce his retirement today. They describe him as "upset" with how this has played out. We still await any official notice from his office and/or the #SCOTUS public information office." Paul Bedard at WaEx, By-the-book Breyer said to be miffed retirement leaked.  AllahPundit, Uh oh: Breyer "upset" that news leaked, wasn't planning to announce retirement today, reports claim, "I’m dying to know who’s responsible for this sh*tshow."

I’m thisclose to embracing the conspiracy theory that Breyer didn’t intend to retire at all and a liberal source tried to force his hand by making up a lie about an imminent announcement and feeding it to the press. If he’s not going to retire voluntary, progressives will have to take matters into their own hands by ginning up a media frenzy that all but requires him to do so!

Jesse Kelly@JesseKellyDC, "Whoever Biden wants to replace him raped me in high school. I don’t remember where. Don’t ask me to come back to DC. I’m afraid to fly." Matt Margolis at PJ Media, Biden's Supreme Court Pick Sexually Assaulted Me 25 Years Ago. Seriously now folks, what should the Republican stance be going forward. Assuming Manchin stays in line (and I suspect Collins and Murkowski will also vote for a marginally acceptable black woman), the Republicans can't stop this. I don't think stalling will work. Just do a good job vetting her, and vote your conscience would be my solution. It would be an opportunity for Republicans to make a move to cool off the Supreme Court confirmation wars, if she got a reasonable number of Republican votes. It probably wouldn't be reciprocated the next time the foo is on the other shoet, though.

Will the Breyer confirmation process give Biden enough boost to stop the bleeding? AllahPundit has No confidence: Biden's numbers turn negative on every major issue in new Pew poll  (Pew Pool, Biden Starts Year Two With Diminished Public Support and a Daunting List of Challenges) and Red wave or red wedding? GOP surges to highest numbers yet in generic ballot polling "“Well, at least it can’t get any worse than this,” Joe Biden is thinking as he scans this Monmouth poll. Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, Vladimir Putin picks up the phone and gives the “go” order to his generals outside Ukraine…" Capt Ed at Haut Hair catches Republicans catching the blame, WaPo, Zogby: Dems starting to abandon Biden -- but is Biden's lying or GOP "intransigence" to blame? Even Chris Cilliza at CNN sees 8 terrible numbers for Joe Biden in the new Pew poll. Josh Kraushar at National Journal, Red wave alert for Senate Democrats. Capt. Ed again, Morning Consult: Biden down nine points against a generic Republican, but ... never doubt the ability of Republicans to f*ck things up.

Morgan Ortagus - perfect for the 'leg' seat
At the Tennessee Star, Trump Says He Will Endorse Morgan Ortagus if She Runs for Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District, but there appears to be a campaign underway to undermine her. TNP, Leaked Email Shows Trump-Backed Tennessee Congressional Hopeful Morgan Ortagus Pledging To ‘Faithfully Serve The Biden Administration.’ Wishing her old agency well, and promising to help is not exactly a capital crime, but it may be a Capitol crime. She was to go back to her job in the Navy and "serve" the Biden administration there.

"In his first tests as a candidate, the celebrity physician fails to impress Pennsylvania GOP activists." I'm unsure on Dr. Oz.

Fox, Hoyer agrees with Biden that midterms could be illegitimate, then walks it back, "His office said after a backlash he does not believe elections will be illegitimate without 'voting rights' legislation" prompting AllahPundit to whine Time for another top Democrat to suggest that the midterms might not be legitimate. George Korda from Knox News, From Biden to Blackburn, from CNN to Fox, just stop with election fraud nonsense. Put the period after "stop." Bulwark Girlz Phil Rotten, The DOJ is investigating the phony electors. Criminalizing election disputes. Logan Washrurn at Da Fed, ZuckBucks-Connected Private Organization Taught Election Officials To ‘Control The Narrative’ About Mail-In Voting. Atop the Hill  Government demands to remove Twitter content hit record high.  J Christian Adams at PJ Media notes that DeSantis Aims to Fix Failure to Prosecute Florida Election Crimes.

A WaPoo, Glenn Youngkin opines Virginia’s parents can decide what’s best for their children. What a novel idea! They won't always be right, but on balance, they'll be right more often than the schools. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 01.26.22 (Afternoon Edition), at Am Great Eric Lendrum sees Virginia Governor Youngkin Opens Tip Line for Parents to Report Teachers who Teach Critical Race Theory prompting Jim Acosta to say I didn't expect Glenn Youngkin to institute a "Soviet-style police state" in Virginia. To his credit, AllahPundit debunks that claim. At Fox Business a video where Markowicz shuts down 'petty tyrants' trying to silence parents. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 01.26.22 (Morning Edition) at Am Great Eric Lendrum reports Virginia Shuts Down Plans For Race-Based Math Curriculum, “For the last year, local school boards and the media have insisted that critical race theory is not in our schools, dumbing our kids down,” said PDE’s Asra Nomani. “But it is in our schools, putting us in a race to the bottom, especially with math and sciences.”  Good.Campus Refor reports  University quietly changes controversial policy, months after telling College Republicans not to campaign for Youngkin Nick Arama at Red State, Must Watch: VA Republican Lights up Dems for Calling GOP 'Racist' and 'Sexist' and at Twitchy, ‘Straight fire’: Virginia Rep. torches Dems whose kneejerk reaction to disagreement is to cry ‘racist’ or ‘sexist.’ At Haut Hair, John Sexton catches the Slantic admit School masking 'is not justified by the data'

I'm going to pass on J6 stuff; it's thin; Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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