Thursday, January 27, 2022

Oregon, My Oregon

 PM, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown pushes executive clemency for criminals despite rise in violent crime

Oregon’s Democrat Governor Kate Brown has made a push for clemency towards criminals, prompting outrage among state prosecutors due to her refusal to address the surge in violent crime.

Prosecutors argue that the Governor’s efforts to use executive clemency is making it difficult for them to put dangerous criminals in prison.

"This is the massive release of violent criminals through a process which violates the legal requirements of law," stated Kevin Mannix, the president of Common Sense for Oregon and the lawyer whose firm is bringing a lawsuit against Gov. Kate Brown on behalf of two district attorneys and the families of three murder victims, Fox News reported.

Portland, Oregon’s largest city, saw a massive surge in violent crime, particularly homicides. In 2021, the number of homicides in the city went up to 85, up from 57 I n 2020. There were only 36 murders in 2019, and 26 in 2018. The number is not expected to fall.

Mannix and the plaintiffs he represents argue that the 1,000 convicts Brown released from prison early after March 2020 have contributed to the state’s rise in crime.

"Recidivism, or repeat conviction rate, for violent criminals is at least 40%," Mannix said to Fox News. "Sure, we try to rehabilitate people. We try to change their lives, and we should keep trying. But the prediction I would make is that 40% of these violent criminals are going to commit another violent crime."

They voted poorly.

So how's that Greater Idaho movement going? 

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