Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Civility Alert: Biden to Doocy - "You Stupid SOB"

Yesterday's flash in the pan story was Preznit Biden calling Fox White White House correspondent Peter Doocy at stupid son of a bitch into an open mike, when Doocy shouted an unwelcome question about inflation. I have to break my no twitter rule again: 

A reminder from Townhall.com @townhallcom  "Joe Biden in January of 2021: "But I'm not joking when I say this, if you are ever working with me and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, talk down to someone, I promise you I will fire you on the spot." Needless to say he didn't resign. Dooce took it in stride, Sister Toldja at Red State, Peter Doocy Has Appropriate Response to Biden Attack as Other ‘Reporters’ Show True Colors "“So Doocy, I think the president’s right, you are a stupid SOB,” co-host Jesse Watters quipped. . . .“Yeah, nobody has fact-checked him yet and said it’s not true,” Doocy replied." At Twitchy, Peter Doocy tells Sean Hannity what Biden said to him during phone call after ‘stupid son of a b*tch’ insult. It's Nothing personal, pal! Meanwhile, the media that had hissy fits when Trump was nasty to their guys (although, I don't believe he ever swore), went into Biden protective mode. Twitchy, ‘CNN has received the talking points’: President Joe Biden ‘deadpanned’ that stupid SOB line about Peter Doocy.

Meanwhile, the Biden popularity streak continues. Via the Wombat's  In The Mailbox: 01.24.22, Weasel Zippers: NBC’s Chuck Todd Says Biden “No Longer Viewed As Competent  & Effective”. Mediaite, Chuck Todd Reports on Latest NBC News Poll: Biden is ‘No Longer Seen as Competent’. "No longer? Who ever thought it was in his skill set? At NewsBusters, NBC's Todd Admits Dems in 'Shellacking Territory' Ahead of MidtermsRasmussen's Daily Tracking poll,  "for Tuesday shows that 40% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Biden’s job performance. Fifty-nine (59%) disapprove. The latest figures include 18% who Strongly Approve of the job Biden is doing and 50% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -32. (see trends)." Also from the Wombat, The Lid: Staggering Majority Says U.S. Headed In Wrong Direction and The Coming Dethronement of Joe Biden "Biden’s situation presents the unnamed committee who actually runs the presidency with a huge and delicate problem. It can’t last," from Roger Kimball at Am Great. Also from Kimball at ET, cited heavily at Instapundit, Of Cabals and Elections. Politico cites Biden’s personal Covid fears as his excuse for not getting out. To be fair, he's old, and that's a risk factor. But he's more afraid of what it would do to his image. 

At Da Caller, Psaki Admits Underfunding Of Police Is Partially Responsible For Soaring Crime Rate. At Da Mail, They were loyal liberals who never dreamed of voting Republican but the damage done to kids by the Left's Covid hysteria is driving a wave of moms away from the Democrats. When you've lost SNL,  'SNL' Weekend Update: Biden needed 2-hour press conference to 'list everything that’s gone wrong' (Fox). And Beto! Matt Margolis at PJ Media, LOL! Beto Doesn't Want Biden Anywhere Near Texas During Campaign. Capt. Ed at Haut Hair catches AP wondering: Is Biden losing black voters? Stacey Lennox at PJ Media, Florida Is so Red, Democrats Can't Even Field Candidates in Some 2022 Races. I&I, I&I/TIPP Poll: Americans Agree —McConnell, Pelosi, Fauci And Breyer Should Ride Off Into The Sunset. Upper age limit needed all around. 

At Althouse, "What the Trump Documents Might Tell the Jan. 6 Committee/Following last week’s Supreme Court ruling, the House panel has received material that it hopes could flesh out how the attack on the Capitol came about."
This is an article in the NYT, which I'm reading because what I hope is that the material will show that Trump wasn't involved in planning or promoting breaking into the Capitol or committing any illegal acts. And isn't that what everyone should hope?

So I'm reading this article and setting to the side everything that is about Trump's belief that he really did win the election, his search for a legal path to victory, and his desire for a big, exciting rally showing strong support for this cause.

So, what does the NYT list? I've copied and pasted the whole text into my compose window, and I will now cut out everything I just said I was setting to the side:

Leaving nothing, literally. AllahPundit whines Gingrich: When Republicans take back the House, January 6 committee members will be at risk of jail   BizPac,  Newt says J6 Committee could face real risk of jail when GOP is back in power, Cheney leads response

“You’re going to have a Republican majority in the House and a Republican majority in the Senate and all these people who’ve been so tough and so mean and so nasty are going to be delivered subpoenas for every document, every conversation, every tweet, every email, because I think it’s clear these are people who are literally just running over the law, pursuing innocent people, causing them to spend thousands and thousands of dollars in legal fees for no justification and its basically a lynch mob and unfortunately the attorney general of the United States has joined that lynch mob and is totally misusing the FBI,”

“And I think when you have a Republican Congress, this is all going to come crashing down,” he added. “And the wolves are going to find out that they’re now sheep and they’re the ones who are in fact, I think, face a real risk of jail for the kinds of laws they’re breaking.”
I don't think there's any risk of jail, as long as they hire expensive lawyer and answer to the subpoenas. Donald Trump Jr.@DonaldJTrumpJr, "Liz Cheney & her Dem friends are using the J6 Committee as a weapon to target & harass their political opponents. Straight out of the Communist playbook!!! Congress's 1/6 Committee Claims Absolute Power as it Investigates Citizens With No Judicial Limits." Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media warns GOP Dreams of Election Victory Revenge-Porn Are a Bit Premature. I agree.At Big League Politics, The Dersh  says Jan 6 Committee ‘Reminds Me Of McCarthyism’. As Sauron's eye, Former Attorney General William Barr has spoken to January 6 committee. Hollywood In Toto thinks ‘J6’ Is Hollywood’s Attempt to Stop Trump 2.0. Of course it is. Truth has nothing to do with Hollywood. On Da Hill, Jan. 6 probe roils Cheney race in Wyoming. She is working hard for Democrat votes because she won't be getting many Republicans'. 

The redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great asks a great question, Did the Justice Department Lie About Pence and Harris’ Location on January 6?. It matters because many "In every charging document, the government relies on section 1752 to define a “restricted building” as the location of the “President or other person protected by the Secret Service,” which would have included Pence and Harris." Harris was not there, and there is some question about when Pence was present. That should be easily determined. Patrick Gibbs at Am Think wonders Will the Arrogance of the FBI Ever End?. No. Dismantle it, and send the honest agents to the Marshall Service. 

As Youngkin's school mask mandate ban in Virginia begins, Seven school boards sue Glenn Youngkin over 'masks optional' policy for schools (PM). No choice for you! But AllahPundit is butthurt when a  Virginia senate Dem sides with Youngkin, GOP in pushing for end to school mask mandate, and Ace chortles Virginia Mask Karen Resistance May End By Valentine's Day as Democrat Senator Tells Them: Fix a Date Certain to End Mandatory Masking, Or I'll Vote With the Republicans To Change the Law to Force You To. Masks are now irrelevant. Omicron is almost over and done (look at the declining infection number, which lag actual infection by about a week), and masks don't stop it anyway. From Ace's Morning Rant, Fake Science: Vanderbilt Bans Its Own Students From Basketball Games But Allows Visiting Teams’ Students to Come And Cheer

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