Saturday, January 22, 2022

Oregon, My Oregon

Eugene weenie begs for global warming. Beatrice Byrd, Opinion: We need some climate change

It’s been cold. I mean freezing. I mean perpetual chills running down the vertebrae of my spine and cloudy vision due to the ferocity of my teeth chattering. Not even two layers of sweaters can preclude the arctic airs that kickstart the process of my hypothermia.

We keep hearing the words “climate change” come up in the news. All I’m saying is, what could be so bad about that? I know that I, for one, need some more warmth, seeing as I almost freeze to death doing simple tasks outdoors.

NASA said, “global temperatures will continue to rise for decades,” but why is everyone freaking out? I know I don’t want to have to wear a big, honking coat every winter.

Imagine this: The world gets so warm that seasonal clothing doesn’t have to exist anymore. Doesn’t that sound perfect? We all spend so much time adapting to the weather, but I think it’s about time the weather adapts to us. Change is a good thing, and if the climate is willing to, then who am I to try and stop it?

As satire, it's a little too subtle.  

H/T to WUWT.

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