Sunday, January 23, 2011

Whatever They're Against, I'm For

Keep the Protest Alive!

Topless feminist protesters show what they're made of
"Our God is woman, our mission is protest, our weapons are bare breasts." It's the kind of political slogan that's bound to catch attention, particularly when it's dozens of topless women clutching campaign posters who are chanting it.

These are the women of Femen, Ukraine's topless female protest movement. Young women who believe that the best way to make their voice heard is through sheer bare-chested brazenness.

Femen's leader, 26-year-old Anna Gutsol, explains: "Our goal is active Ukrainian women who want to be involved in society and politics.
Well, if that's all, please continue...  For some amusing, titillating, and sometimes downright NSFW pictures from FEMEN protests, go here. Unlike the occasional nude protests in San Francisco, most of these women are good looking.
"We thought we'd create an organization where young girls could come and help others like them and help society. And the format we picked was this extremely sexy, bright way of presenting ourselves."
Works for me.

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