Friday, January 21, 2011

Went for a Walk at Lunch Today

Part of Georgia's and my new fitness regime.  The place we work is gorgeous, once you get away from the lab buildings.  Today we walked out to a place called Fox Point:

The road out to Fox Point is rarely used, as you can see.  The entire property has over 2000 acres, most of it very undeveloped. Click pics to embiggen.

The bright red, furry looking things are canes of the Wineberry.  Wineberry is a non-native, invasive relative of native Blackberry and Raspberry.  Their fruit is a bit inspid compared to it's relatives, but bowl full of very ripe ones will keep an intern going if needed.

A view of the Rhode River, now mostly frozen, from the Fox Point.  The lab dock is across the cove in the distance.

A panoramic shot from the end of Fox Point, using the "stitching" feature on my point and shoot. You can see the seams, a little, but still pretty nice. Better than my GIMP skills for sure. Big file, it might take a few seconds to load if you click on it

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