Friday, January 28, 2011

Bonus Berlusconi!

Another under-aged girl?  You go guy!  Together you have a good average age.

Berardi (L). Nicole Minetti (R)
 However, not all is sweetness and light at Berusconi's pad:
Nicole Minetti, 25, an Anglo-Italian showgirl whom he helped to propel into a politics as a regional councillor in Lombardy, was recorded two weeks ago as calling the prime minister "a piece of ----" and "an old man" who had ruined her life and "is trying to save his own flabby ----."

In another intercepted phone call, Miss Minetti, who is under investigation for on suspicion of procuring prostitutes for the prime minister, a charge she denies, told Barbara Faggioli, 24, an ex Playboy model, that Italian politics was "a mess" but warned that "if he (Berlusconi) goes down, we all go down."

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