Friday, January 28, 2011

Harry Homeowner Hates the Bay, Too!

According to this article, lawn fertilizers are a significant source of nutrient polution.  A bill in the Virginia legislature proposes to put controls on fertilizers applied to lawns.
....Senate Bill 1055, introduced by state Sen. Richard Stuart with Sens. Ralph Northam and Jeffrey McWaters as co-patrons, would ban the use of phosphorus in routine lawn maintenance; would ban lawn-service companies from applying fertilizer to streets, driveways or sidewalks, and require them to report annually how many acres they treated; change the labeling and directions on fertilizer sold directly to customers; and bar the sale of de-icers containing nutrients.

The bill has some exemptions for organic soil amendments and for the use of fertilizer on trees and gardens. It would also allow the use of phosphorus on lawns where a soil test shows it is needed.

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