Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stale Link Dump

The digital 'fridge is getting full again, and the contents are starting to get moldy and smell.  Time to dump them and find some fresh ones.

Scots relying on French Nuclear Power because their wind power generators were unable to cope with freezing conditions.

Snake owners see cold blooded bias:  They think the government trying to ban 9 species of commonly owned foreign snakes because they hate the cold blooded snakes for no good reason

Videogame joysticks to be replaced by mind control helmets?  Getting closer to Caprica.

If Aliens really exist, they probably want to kill us: A scientist uses evolutionary reasoning to conclude the we should avoid contact with any space traveling alien species if at all possible.

Wine is good for science:  Scientists slosh wine on superconductors during manufacture, find significant improvement.

Masturbation helps procreation:  Spanking the monkey found beneficial to reproduction in a variety of animals.

Sensitive blood test for cancer under development:  Faster please; too many of my relative have died of cancer.  Your evil drug companies at work.

Young people prefer self esteem to sex.  Why can't they have both?

World population to reach 7 billion:  Don't like it?  Leave.

Why is the CD 74 minutes long?  Beethoven's 9th Symphony in D minor, opp 125.  Maybe...

Eek! A male!  Hey, I didn't want to change diapers anyway.

Do it yourself castration in England:  I knew they had long lines in their health care, and it is an optional treatment after all.

Vaccine fears cause dead kids:  I know I touched on this before, but it can't be said too often.

Man claims to live with wolves for a year:  I have my doubts.

Your mom hates your video games:  Duh!

China makes solar powered air conditioner:  Color me skeptical;  I think the energy required would make for a huge area of solar cells

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