Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bay News Today

Seems to be mostly about how Maryland purchased about 10,000 acres of land.
January 2011 -- Maryland has surpassed its goal to preserve 9,700 acres in 2010. The state permanently protected 12,812 acres last year, according to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

The land was conserved through state Program Open Space acquisitions and conservation easements purchased through the Rural Legacy Program and the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program.

Land conserved in 2010 includes:
  • A site at Patuxent River Park that provides fishing access for people with disabilities
  • More than 17 miles of streamside buffers along the Chesapeake Bay and its streams, creeks and rivers
  • 773 acres of ecologically valuable and severely threatened land near Mattawoman Creek
Maryland tracks its environmental goals using BayStat, an online tool that assesses, coordinates and targets restoration and conservation programs.
 Also in the news, Maryland budget news, the state is facing a $2.4 Billion (with a B)  dollar shortfall.  Coincidence?  Ask a state worker facing facing furloughs next year.

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