Sunday, January 30, 2011

Two Day Beach Report

I'm combining two days because I didn't get around to yesterdays what with the impromptu fishing trip.

Yesterday was somewhat cloudy, not too windy.  There was nothing really remarkable, but a pleasant walk.  On the detour around the narrow spot, we came upon a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers working on a tree..

 Even though the light wasn't very good, I managed to salvage a couple of half-decent shots from my Nikon using GIMP.
And since I haven't done it in a while, some silly Husky tongue, for Janie...

Today was much the same, except the Bay was as flat as a pond.  A few fossils for both days, but nothing worthy of a picture.

I was over dressed and sweating by the end.  Well, time to go fishing again.


  1. That's just a couple lots down from where someone took down a 3' tulip poplar yesterday. It was just back from the cliff. I'm sure it was illegal and don't know if someone was 'saving' the cliff or improving their view.

  2. everyone notices a WF tree coming down, and that's fine. what amazes me is that hardly anyone seems to appreciate laws regulating cutting trees within 1000' of the shore.