Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Bad Day Fishing...

Is still better than a good day blogging... And it wasn't a bad day fishing.

 At the end of our walk on the beach this AM, we saw one of my fishing guide friends, Walleye Pete Dahlberg, proprietor of Four Seasons Guide Service  bringing his boat back into the harbor.  We stopped to talk with his passengers, who reported that they had an incredible morning, catching many stripers, several over 40 inches long.  I called Pete, and soon wrangled my way into a seat on his afternoon trip. Click pics to embiggen.
We left the dock about 1 PM, headed for the CCNPP  discharge,  where the big fish often congregate in cold water.  It's only 3 miles by water from the dock.  Fishermen included a friend from Virginia, and two from Pennsylvania.  A look at the beach as we left.

As Pete warned us it might be, fishing was slow at first, because we were there at slack tide.  However, we caught a few.  Here, Bill from PA holds shows off the first big one, that measured 38 inches.  We were jigging using large rubber jigs, using up to 1.5 oz of lead to reach the bottom, which is where the fish are at this time of the year.

A little after 3 PM the fishing turned on, and we all caught fish pretty steadily for about 2 hrs.  Here is my best, a 39 inch, not a personal best (that would need to be 45 inches) but a great fish none the less.  All fish were released.

There were a few other die-hard fisherman types fishing close by, and they appeared to be catching as well.

The bite died as the sun went behind the cliffs, leaving us with this sunset.

Thanks Pete!

Welcome visiting TidalFishers and  Pacemakers.  It's pretty clear one way to get blog hits is to post the link on fishing forums.  Some of you may be old friend that I've lost touch with as I stopped following TF quite so closely.  If you have the time, poke around a little and see if you see anything you like.  I try to keep a running commentary on Chesapeake Bay policy and science, science in general in the news, and the random oddities that crop up.


  1. It was great to get out and get the kinks out. I really enjoyed fishing with you and Pete!


  2. Excellent report & pics. Vicariously, it helps to know a friend is out there catching them, even if I'm not.