Thursday, January 6, 2011

Speaking of Alien Invaders...

Save me a drumstick.

Residents Beware: Emu Running Loose in Calvert:

The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Unit wishes to notify the public that an emu has been seen running loose recently in the Huntingtown area.

The Emu is similar to an Ostrich and can stand up to six and one half feet tall and run at speeds up to 30 MPH. The Sheriff’s Office began receiving calls for this loose bird around the Thanksgiving holiday and at that time, it was reported to be in the Dunkirk area. Animal Control Officers (ACOs) have responded to these calls and have either lost sight of the bird or it was already gone upon their arrival. At this time, the owner of the emu has not been identified.

If you spot the emu, please do not try to approach it as it uses its feet to defend itself. The feet have toenails that are like a knife and combined with its powerful legs, can cause severe injury.

Always good to be careful of six foot birds with claws like knives. Right?

Hat tip to 'Becca.

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