Friday, December 31, 2010

Thank Goodness for the Space Program

NASA invention leads to SmartBra
NASA developed its intelligent memory foam in the '60s to make its aircraft seating safer and more comfortable.

It's still experimenting with the stuff, looking at potential uses in spacecraft parts and structural engineering products for the future.

But, for today at least, it's being used to make bras.
 NASA has credited itself with a large number of spinoffs from it's technology, but I don't know if this one has made the list yet.
"A derivation of the foam is used in the memory foam mattresses. It's also used in the safety lining of racing car helmets, and so I realised it could have a lot of practical uses, and this softening and expansion could have a lot of benefits."
Hang on. Softening and expanding? What exactly does this bra actually do?

"It can boost the cleavage when it detects a rise in body temperature," Dr Nielsen said.

"Such as when a woman gets a little flushed when she gets excited. It can kind of do some of the flirting for you."
But we're not supposed to be looking, or are we?
"But it also has a lot of practical benefits."

"For example, if you're exercising and it detects a rise in body temperature, it can expand to offer more support when you need it."

"The bra, according to Dr Nielsen, can also adapt to a woman's changing shape and size, meaning you're less likely to have to shop for another bra down the line.

Dr Nielsen, who holds a PhD in biochemistry and has used it to pursue his business in what he calls "biocosmeceuticals", says the product may also make life easier for women dealing with ill-fitting bras."
Well, then, if it's just for support, I guess it's OK.

We got a memory foam mattress recently, after 30 some years of sleeping on a water bed originally purchased as a poor post-doc. Great support, a little warm sometimes.

And because TPIWWP:

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  1. So there is space foam in bras? You'd think they would work better against gravity! :P