Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ethanol is for Drinking, not Driving

Can E15 Gasoline Really Damage Your Engine? Yes. Here's how.

Gasohol  is just a bad idea that keeps on giving.  It's bad for cars.  It's really bad for boats.  It's driven up food costs, and put more demand on the land.  It doesn't even save any fossil fuel use.  Now the ethanol producers want the right to force even higher concentrations into gasoline, even though many cars, boats and other motors now in use will be threatened with damage, and EPA has indulged them.  Time to contact the legislators and just say No!  This has been a bipartisan boondoggle.

Both times I was stuck on the bay it was caused by water in the gas that caused the E10 to separate out of my 60 gallon gas tank.

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