Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Hope This Never Shows Up on YOUTUBE...

On Friday had our annual lab Christmas Holiday party. Like the last 5 years, I was in the unofficial band that plays at the event. This year, one of our members re-wrote a few songs to have the lyrics match events around the lab.  He flashed the lyrics up on the screen in PowerPoint as we played and sang. As with many things in life, it went not as well as I hoped but better than I feared. To my knowledge, no video was recorded, but, instead, here are some more professional artists doing the songs they were based on.

Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin

I got to play Jimmy Page using my Laguna 524 I got this year from a local thrift shop.  At least I didn't have to sing.  The lyrics were something about the clearing the snow off the road into the lab, "The Snow Removal Song"

See the rest below the jump:

In the Cold Cold Night - The White Stripes

I got to be Jack, while Nicole sang.  The lyrics were about frog sex, "In the Warm Spring Night".  I think this was my favorite song in the group.

Wade in the Water - Eva Cassidy

We did a gospelly version of this.  I sang the verses, while Nicole sang the responses, and we both sang the choruses.  It was about the annual wade in to see if Bernie Fowler can see his feet.

Woodstock - CSNY version

I did electric guitar, and most of the singing.  While I didn't quite hit the intro guitar solo solid, the rest went pretty well.  The song was about the arrival of new starry-eyed interns at the lab each summer "Intern Woodstock" (I came upon a lost intern, she was walking along the road...)

Factory Girl - Rolling Stones

I switched to my Alvarez PD-85SC AV acoustic for this.  Gary and I sang harmoney.The song was about love between interns in the salt marsh "Salt Marshy Girl".

Where the Streets have no Name - U2

By far my least favorite song.  We didn't get enough practice, our timing sucked, and I had to do all the singing and didn't play guitar.  Lyrics were about the front road in the to lab getting paved "When the Front Road Gets Paved".

Cheap Sunglasses - ZZTop

"Go Get Yourself some Safe-T-glasses".  I didn't sing.  Need I say more?

The Holly and the Ivy - Traditional

I finger picked and Nicole sang, and Tom (who wrote all the lyrics) played harmonica.  The words were somewhat warped to the scenenry at the lab, but fit pretty well.

Nicole and I also did an early set of Christmas standards, where I finger picked and she sang, including "Winter Wonderland", God Rest Ye..", "Joy to the World" and a few more.

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